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  1. Got similar problem with . The link given by @anilkumar36521 is too old and the mail code doesn't exists in the latest Prestashop. Is anyone got solution for ? It has been few days I'm trying to solve this with many solutions given by community. I can confirm there is nothing wrong with my mail server as I can configure the SMTP mail in the other client app like Outlook, Gmail app without any problem.
  2. Not working. Something wrong with the code. The server has perfect configuration that I can use on other client software like outlook roundcube. I'm a server admin.
  3. Tried it. Seems like problem with the cache.
  4. I'm currently using nginx_apache for my webserver and I see that openlitespeed (free) is getting more popular on the net because of its performance. May I know if Prestashop is fully compatible with openlitespeed? Is there any requirements like extra modules in PS that need to be installed when using openlitespeed? Please share your experience.
  5. @Vidar Bjerkeland If you got an HTTP error 500, I would suggest that you enable the debugging mode to find the actual error message. There are 2 ways to enable debugging mode: The first method to enable debugging mode (if you are able to access the back office / admin page) 1) Log into the back office - > Go to Advanced Parameter -> Debug mode 2) Then enable the debug mode -> Yes 3) Save it The second method to enable debugging mode (if you are not able to access the back office / admin page) 1) Go to your root prestashop installation directory and edit this PS config file : /public_html/config/defines.inc.php 2) Using editor with a line number, at the line 29 you will see the following code: /* Debug only */ if (!defined('_PS_MODE_DEV_')) { define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', false); } change the false to true like below: /* Debug only */ if (!defined('_PS_MODE_DEV_')) { define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true); } 3) Save it. After enabling the DEBUG Then, go back to the page that trigger the blank page or internal error 500. There must be some error messages that will appear and from there you can share the error message for us to help. Another important thing is, if your shop is not ready for live production, then do not enable the cache option at the back end because when u try to make some changes, it might break something like having blank page, cache files that conflicts with another module, etc. I think by default it is enabled. it is not recommend to enable cache setting if the shop is in development status or not ready for live production. Sometimes blank page problem can be problem with the server configuration like file permissions but the common problem in prestashop is due to the the PS cache that needs to be cleared or disabled. Let's say that you are not able to disable the cache option at the backoffice because of the blank page, then you have to manually disable it through mysql database. To disable the cache manually: 1) Go to your SQL database management like phpmyadmin, find the table that says something like PS_CONFIGURATION or *_CONFIGURATION 2) Find a field called PS_SMARTY_CACHE and put the value as 0 and PS_SMARTY_CLEAR_CACHE put the value as everytime 3) Save it and try reload the blank page.
  6. Error 500 can be so many reasons. I think most of them related to your server configuration. You can actually debug it by enabling the debugging mode in Prestashop php config file and you might see some errors that telling you why: define('_PS_MODE_DEV_', true);
  7. If you do care about your customer reputation on your web services, you should consider using SMTP instead of php mail. Read here for more information https://www.jvfconsulting.com/blog/php-mail-function-vs-smtp-guaranteed-delivery/
  8. This has not been fixed for a long time since 2017.. Also happens at version 1.7.6
  9. Based on the screenshot, I got a warning notice there that I need to run the composer install command. I know how and also I can skip this step. but the question is why do i need to run composer install command? What is the purpose of this notification?
  10. I never used docker but have experienced using vagrant as my main website development for many years but I just stopped there. I know vagrant and docker, the concept still the same. Do not over obsessed with the purpose of this technologies. They are not developed to make your development easy but the point is to make the testing environment better by working with team. Normally if you work with team, you need to use docker or you gonna have miscommunication. So the other people can test your work without asking you "what do I need to run this thing" and you wasted a lot of time for setting up the same environment? if you are like me working alone, I just use private git repo + ftp push. You don't need docker. Normally this is what I do without docker or vagrant. Only do this if you don't share your server configuration with other team: 1) Create a random dev subdomain for testing purposes like dev.mywebsite.com, install prestashop in here with the database dev_prestashop. You can put more tests in the same server like dev2.mywebsite.com, dev3.mywebsite.com. So the dev.mywebsite.com is like a beta version of the live site in www.mywebsite.com 2) Secure this dev.mywebsite.com with httpd or nginx password and only you and your team can access this 3) Now create an empty git repository inside this directory and push as a new repo at your git online repo (I choose my own hosted gitlab svn.mywebsite.com) 4) Now you have the test server with the same configuration as live server and git-able with your team! The reason I don't see the need of Docker. So, how do you update changes to live production on www.mywebsite.com? What about the database? Here is how I did it: 1) in the public_html for my dev.mywebsite.com, I created a new folder that stores prestashop sql files -> public_html/mydb/ . Then, I dump the sql file without zip or gz compression (eg. dev-prestashop.sql) so I can detect changes from my private git. 2) If let say I want to commit the dev project, I have to set a rule that I always need to copy a new database inside the directory so it will be synced. 3) Then, for the live production, I can just pull it from the dev repository and make changes there
  11. Prestashop di bina untuk e-commerce (jual beli barang) bukan untuk blogging. BTW, kalau nak feature blogging, boleh guna module 3rd party..
  12. Opss.. you are not alone. I took few days for them to response and fixing issue. I purchased the plugin (25th December 2016) anduntil today even with the latest version i have never been able to use it for live production. There are so many problems. One more thing to note is that, Knowband marketplace was only designed to work with the default theme (most of the functionality the GUI uses the front-end prestashop. Seller has no access into the backoffice). This means, if you have premium theme with the marketplace plugin, high chance that the theme might have problem with your layout, javascript issues, then you have to prepare writing bugs and send to them to resolve issue (if they are willing to help on time!)
  13. You need customization or a premium theme. Lazada menu consist of 2 categories. One for the home navigation (only display on home page), and the other is sticky navigation (it will display everywhere). Example what I have tried for my shop is iqit warehouse theme I bought from themeforest. But I only tried on prestashop 1.7+ not sure about 1.6. You can look at their demo here: https://iqit-commerce.com/ps17/demo9/en/ (for top sticky menu category navigation) then you can combine the design with this one to achieve your objective. This is for home menu navigation: https://iqit-commerce.com/ps17/demo5/en/
  14. Ok I found the answer here. I guess this is official: http://build.prestashop.com/news/prestashop-1-7-is-moving-to-symfony-3-4-and-php-5-6/ Edit 2: Found better documentation here that just been updated on June. https://devdocs.prestashop.com/1.7/basics/installation/system-requirements/
  15. I still not found the exact answer from the link given. Reading from the sentence given quote here: QUOTA: I'm confused with the recommendation given by the sentence 'at least'. Does this mean, 7.1 works perfectly with 1.7.3.X? Why is this not documented properly?
  16. From the official documentation, prestashop mentioned that they are running 'good' with PHP 5.4+ and never mentioned about the breaking issue. When I try prestashop, on the latest PHP 7.2, I got error message that defnitely has compatibility issue. Can we being honest and in documentation we specify like this: PHP 7.2 for prestashop 1.7.4+ PHP 7.1 for prestashop 1.7.1 PHP 7.0 for prestashop - Again I still cannot find the proper system requirement for prestashop or recommendation PHP version. What I read is just bunch of suggestion and recommendation from the community. Can anyone explain this ? If I use prestashop is it guarantee to work with PHP 7.2 ? The guaranteed issue is what causes me to ask this question.
  17. I have purchased Knowband marketplace on 25th september 2016. The first time installation, there was an error of 500 http. I contacted Knowband, they just put a bracket on the code to solve the issue. and after fixed this first issue, developer asked for 5 stars rating ? The second problem was, the layout problem, I tried to fix myself but the codes for this module are like hard coded, hard to read. So, what they did was, put back a css layout code that I think should be put there since the beginning. The third problem was about the javascript field issue, where u cannot enable javascript compression in BackOffice of your prestashop Next the javascript crashed issue. This issue has not been solved. and there are many more problems. I haven't been able t o use this product on live production almost a month. Just to prepare a documentation, screenshot, FTP access to developer on how to solve his own problem. -------------------------- Dear prestashop team, What happen to my old conversation between me and the developer? All gone. Can you answer this prestashop team? Did you delete them after I rated 1 star for this module? I had a very long conversation with the developer on how to fix the issue using the developer contact form. I provided my FTP access, backoffice password and everything that I could. Yesterday, I rated this plugin to 1 star due to many problems. And today morning I found out that all conversation between me and the developers are gone. I'm not sure why. Please prestashop team, I need this plugin working or ask the developer to refund back that money so that I can purchase a new working module! Developer is not responding. The price of this module is expensive. 99.99 Euro which equivalent to 110.17 USD. http://addons.prestashop.com/en/21669-knowband-marketplace.html Developers know that this module has error but it has not been updated since 4 months.
  18. You can do it at the BO, Preference->SEO/URLs and add page that you want.
  19. I have a question. In the email template editor, What is the different between. Edit HTML version View/Edit TXT version What is the purpose of TXT Version ?
  20. I put the above code at the correct place. then it crashed the site when clicking on the product tab.
  21. App work but... same question as previously asked.. why the date of birth showing the wrong data?
  22. Hey, you need it? I have it. Send your request to my email at arafatx [at] gmail [dot] com
  23. Yes it is possible. You need to modify php file that contains $total variable and pass it to js.
  24. The problem is because you install prestashop without example data. Prestashop will automatically delete (in a dirty way) all the content of the products, default couriers and many more from database during the installation and left the auto increment number messy. That's why you have the problem. If you install prestashop with example data, there will be no problem. This problem normally occurs when you install prestashop through 1 single click from your hosting provider.
  25. The function doesn't work properly. I create a new file in the directory, but prestashop did not detect any new files added.
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