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  1. Hello, You should be able to see the site now. I want to do this. Image - http://midlandautofactors.co.uk/24-thickbox_default/faded-short-sleeves-tshirt.jpg Thanks, Adam
  2. Hi guys, I'd like to configure the font size of my top menu, seen a few posts but they relate to older versions of PS and haven't worked. PrestaShop version Shop URL http://midlandautofactors.co.uk/ Current theme in use default-bootstrap Thanks in advance!
  3. Hi it says i don't have permission to download the attachment, what shall i do?
  4. Hello, When clicking the mega menu links on a desktop pc, your taken to the top category pages filled with products. When clicking the mega menu links on a mobile, your taken to the top category pages with no products! Hope someone can tell me a quick fix, website is due to go live today? www.puremx.co.uk Site is currently in maintenance mode, i can add you in if you need to. Thanks, Adam
  5. Hello, How do i fix it? Should i delete the Netreviews module from the file manager? Thanks
  6. Hello, I am trying to access the modules section of my admin panel but i get this error message: [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file :/home/nwsmotor/public_html/modules/netreviews/upgrade/upgrade-7.1.3.php: Cannot access protected property NetReviews::$context URL: https://nwsmotorservices.com Nothing has been changed and all was working fine a few days ago. Can someone please help? Thanks, Adam
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