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  1. Hi and thanks in advance. I'm building a new Prestashop site which is be ingdesigned to be for an international audience: www.mysite.com/gb/ www.mysite.com/en/ www.mysite.com/fr/ etc The problem I have is that the site needs to display different product categories/products for different countries - and therefore the main menu will have to change accordingly. At the moment I cannot see how this can be done without multiple installations of Prestashop or with Multistore. However, as I understand it, the latter would still require multi installations of a theme and all the configuration that would entail. I hope I've made myself clear. My question: is there a way of configuring a store to have a different menu for different countries?
  2. Hi Saeed, I've tried to upload your module as a zip file in the BO but I'm getting an error. I can upload the files with FTP but to which folder do I need to do it to? Thanks.
  3. Found it. Thanks for help.
  4. Hi and thanks in advance. Does Prestashop 1.7 not have a home text editor module? I've used older version of the software and they all had a home text editor module. Am I missing something?
  5. I would think the product.tpl file.
  6. There is a module that will do something similar. I would imagine instead of using the manufacturer logo you could add a flag. Otherwise you could edit the PhP. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/brands-manufacturers/21988-manufacturer-brand-and-supplier-on-product-page.html
  7. I'm not sure if something is being lost in translation but do you mean "Manufacturer" in English?
  8. Ckay

    Stripe form

    Do you have access to the css file styling the Stripe form?
  9. As it happens yes. I went to Advanced Parameters>Performance - then Force compilation and cleared the cache. The problem has now gone. I'm on version 1.6, so not sure how this is done with 1.7 but I can't imagine it's that different - but I could be completely wrong.
  10. That makes 3 of us. I get a server error 500 when I update cms or product pages. The pages (or database table relating to the page) do get updated obviously there's some underlying problem. Strange thing is I haven't updated the server code or the server configuration - it just seems to have started happening in the last day.
  11. This thread can be closed. I found it was an issue related to the cache.
  12. Hi and thanks in advance. I'm trying to update attachments for several of my products. Once I've added the file and then saved it the upload appears to be successful. However, when I view the file, either in the BO or FO, it downloads the previous attachment that should have been overwritten. Any ideas anyone?
  13. So you just want the css to add the background image? What about the code for the actual signup form?
  14. Hi and thanks in advance. A third party company holds duplicate data of the products from our Prestashop site - they are a kind of comparison site. One of the services they offer is a Datasheet download of the specifications of any given product in PDF format. What I want is a link on each individual product page which, when clicked, will download the PDF in the users browser. They've given me the following link to place - presumably in the product.tpl file - to enable the facility. api.other-company.com/api/DatasheetsPdf?brandNodeId=119288&partNumber={partNumber} Does anyone have an idea how I can embed this as a usable dynamic link?
  15. I've not used 1.7 but for me 1.6 has been a fantastic platform which I've used to create a very successful corporate website. Long may Prestashop continue.
  16. Could you give a link to the site?
  17. The Creative Slider is not a page in itself. You have to create the slider and then place it in the page you want it to go in. Contact the developer of you are having a problem They gave me excellent support.
  18. It means the image is not on the server or is in the wrong place. If you are using Windows "right click" on the question mark and "inspect" the element. That will tell you where the source code is looking for the image. Use your ftp software to uplaod the image to the correct place on your server,
  19. You can either use the "SHOP NOW" button to go to an internal page, which you must create (a CMS page containing what looks like a mock "Home page" for example), or you can use the "SHOP NOW" button to scroll down the page to content that comes pretty much as standard with almost all Prestashop themes or the standard theme.
  20. Go to the Back Office Preferences > General There you will find the Prestashop built in Round Mode and Round Type and how many decimals.
  21. See the image below. That should (depending on your shop setup) put your slider at the top of the Home page. You'll have to explain what you mean by the "shop now" page. You could create a link to a CMS page which in turn has links to all the different categories in your shop, but you''ll have to create and code that yourself. Normally the Home page has the slider and the standard home page shopping cart content sits below that.
  22. Have created the slider you want to use and know what page you want it on?
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