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  1. Sorry mates, anyone can help me with this? Im surely that is a basic setting in CSS or something but I can't find it. Thank you everybody!
  2. Hi friends, I hope you can help me with a very simple question, I am editing my store locally on my computer and I am trying to solve a question for a long time and I cannot find an answer. I have this search block and some information block in the header and I would like to change their position just a little further down so that it is aligned with the center of the logo and centered on the header. Everything else I want to be in the position it is in and these two blocks that are in the position I have selected in red. I apologize if this is such a basic question but I really don't understand much of code. I hope you can help me with this. I attached a example of the image to better understand my question. Thank you and best regards!
  3. Hi MacRoy, thank you for your reply. I already try that but not works, I search every field with the word "Address" and try to translate but not works, I don't know why. I clean the cache of Prestashop and of the browser and stays... I don't know how to solve this, I really need to edit that field. I go to Localization -> Translations -> Translation of Installed Modules, I can found fields with "Address" and edit, nothing happens. It's really strange... EDIT: Finally I can found what is wrong. I have to go to Localization -> Translations -> Front-Office Translation - choose my theme and language and then found the "Adresses" column, inside have one field with "Adress" word, I can change and works. Problem solved! Thanks for the help.
  4. Hi guys, I'm trying several ways to edit the word "Adress" and "Adress (Line 2)" from the Registation fields but no sucess until now. How can I edit these words from the fields? I hope you can help me. Attached I send a printscreen from what words I want to modify. Best Regards.
  5. Dear sirs, I have an online store that is synchronized by a module to my supplier. I have to move my stores from my old VPS to a new VPS that I bought. I move the stores but know, in that particular store I try to install that module of synchronized and this error appears: (for secure reasons i hide my website name and module name that contains the name of my supplier.) I really need this module functional because if not, my stock, products, etc..it's not updated. I try to give permissions 777 to the folders and sub-folders and doesn't work. I try to install the module by make upload in the modules folder but my homepage and backoffice turns to blank page, I can't make anything. My prestashop is, can you help me solve this? Best Regards
  6. Sorry for giving a live to this topic again but is there a fix for this? Because I have a store with PrestaShop™ and the discount is being applied to the final price, I want the discount being applied to the product but without taxes... So, in first place the discount must be applied to the total price of the products, and the taxes applies after the discount. Is there a fix for this? A module? Anything? I really search to a solution for this but seems to be impossible... Sorry for my english, i hope you understand.
  7. Hey guys, I really need your help. I'm portuguese so sorry for my english I promise I will try my best to explain my situation. I have an online shop that sells adult content so I will not post the URL here. In that shop I'm using a theme that I bought. This theme has its own module for featured products, however the default module is not active. For featured products to show on homepage with this module simply associate any of them to the category "Root" and they appear, the problem is that my store is synchronized to the store of my supplier so, all the products are associated with this category and we can not move them. I tried to create a new category, associate products that I want to feature to that category and then go to the PHP featured products of the theme module and change the ID for this new category, but it did not work, the home page is blank. I do not know if I'll be doing well to change but wanted your help to know where I have to change the ID of the category, because I do not understand very well the language in PHP. I will attach the module PHP file and if you guys can tell me where I change the root category ID to the new ID category is the "277" i'll be grateful. I can also deactivate the Featured Products module of the theme and active the default but i try that and the homepage is blank to, i think I must have to do something to show that default module instead of the new module theme. Thank you very much Best Regards tmfeatureproducts.php
  8. Boa tarde, tenho uma loja online ativa e estou a trabalhar com um fornecedor, esse fornecedor disponibiliza-me um ficheiro .CSV com todos os dados dos produtos, categorias, etc... para importar para a plataforma, no entanto quando tento fazer o upload não consigo obter nada, ou seja o upload é feito com sucesso mas depois na parte de "Ver os seus dados" onde se liga as linhas não consigo fazer nada, tenho alguma dificuldade em perceber isto e gostaria que me ajudassem se fosse possível, desde já agradeço imenso. Eu vou disponibilizar o ficheiro de exemplo para me puderem ajudar: http://www21.zippyshare.com/v/J7ORJ8oe/file.html Obrigado!
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