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  1. Hi all, I want to remove or change the shipping time ''levertijd: 3 tot 6 weken'' (see image). Already tried to edit it with product product quantity but it doesn't seem to work. Using prestashop with the theme: ap_amelia from Leotheme
  2. Yes, I want to store the collected list somewhere and if it's possible both for the customer and me.
  3. I'm looking for something like this: http://www.pokellector.com/card/Paras-Generations-GEN-6 http://www.pokellector.com/sets/GEN-Generations If people log in they can say they have collected something and save it.
  4. Dear Prestashoppers, I'm looking for a way or module that enables users to use a online checklist with their registered account on my prestashop webshop. Is their a way of a module that allows my customers to store an online checklist?
  5. With what kind of code?? I have made a custom gif but how do I place it in the blockcart.tpl? And do I need to upload the gif image somewhere?
  6. But what and how if I want to have a custom icon to replace the shopping cart icon?
  7. How is it possible to change the shopping cart logo in prestashop 1.6 latest version? Where is this file located?
  8. Yes thanks so much!!! that did the job It's showing my custom image.
  9. I am using the latest 1.6 version, Just uploaded the ''img-404'' file in the img map. Then I copied and pasted the code you put above but the image just doesn't show up. Maybe need to edit something in the CSS file?
  10. Hi, Thanks for the fast reply, However in my tpl file isn't any code that refers to the 404 jpg image. Also there isn't any 404 image within my ''img'' folder at the template default location. This is a picture of the tpl file (websitename.nl/themes/default-bootstrap). Wich code can i put where to refer to the image if i put it in the: ''www.websitename.nl/themes/default/img'' folder?
  11. Hi, I want to place an image in the ''page not found'' page, how is this possible?
  12. Hi, Great module thanks so much!!! I only want to use the slider on the homepage above the original sliders but when I use it as top it shows on every page. When I use it as home and play around with the positions it doesn't go on top of the original banners. Anyone knows how to fix this?
  13. Hi prestashoppers, I am wondering how to change te depth op the horizontal top menu. Right now it shows to much subcategories inside the horizontal top menu making the menu way to big. I want to change it that it only shows max 2 or 3 depth. How can i edit this?
  14. Thanks!! It worked, much better that way ! See here for working version: http://pranka.nl/
  15. Hi, great module! Right now i'm using it to add another ''cms'' block inside the footer. However the block doesn't seem to be aligned with the other blocks. Also on phones and tablets the function show/hide doesn't seem to work. How can i fix it and get it to work in the right way? Image of it: http://oi60.tinypic.com/1564dvk.jpg The code i used in the html editor is: <div style="text-align: left;"> <h4>Over Pranka</h4> </div> <ul class="toggle-footer"> <li class="item" style="text-align: left;"> <div><a href="http://pranka.nl/content/4-over-ons" title="Over ons">Over ons</a></div> </li> <li class="item" style="text-align: left;"> <div><a href="http://pranka.nl/content/7-vacatures" title="Nieuwe producten">Vacatures & Stages</a></div> </li> <li class="item" style="text-align: left;"> <div><a href="http://pranka.nl/winkels" title="Onze winkels">Onze winkels</a></div> </li> <li class="item" style="text-align: left;"> <div><a href="http://pranka.nl/contact-met-ons-opnemen" title="Contacteer ons">Pers berichten</a></div> </li> <li class="item" style="text-align: left;"> <div><a href="http://pranka.nl/content/3-gebruiks-voorwaarden" title="Algemene voorwaarden">Veel gestelde vragen</a></div> </li> <li class="item"> <div style="text-align: left;"><a href="http://pranka.nl/content/3-gebruiks-voorwaarden" title="Algemene voorwaarden">Algemene voorwaarden</a></div> </li> </ul>
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