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  1. There are few days now, I'm trying to change the position of the image from the red line to go to the blue line as the starting point (See image below). I have checked all the classes if any of them has padding or margin but are not. Does anyone knows how i can fix this issue? thank you
  2. Hello, I have overridden a function inside the carriers class and I'm looking a way to have an array of the carriers ids based on a word that exist inside the name the carrier. I know I can do an SQL query and using the LIKE option to get all the available ids but before I continue with this solution I want to know if prestashop is already provides this method. Thank you
  3. Hello, when my page loads to the dashboard it shows me the following error messages on chrome's console GET https://jirafe.com/dashboard/js/prestashop_ui.js Not found 404 GET https://jirafe.com/dashboard/js/prestashop_ui.css Not found 404 How i can fix it?
  4. Hello basically I have an issue with the refund process of prestashop. Let say that I have one order that has total $10.00 and 5 products Product A: $5 Product B: $1 Product C: $1.50 Product D: $1.50 Product E: $1 and I have accepted the payment, I want to refund the product A because is out of stock that means I will refund $5, and the total from $10 has to be $5. I'm changing the status to refund I'm selecting the product that I want to refund and then the prestashop creates a credit slip. So far is correct? If yes then why the total is not changing to 5 instead of 10 and the new invoices that I'm generating to show the refund or at least to removed the refunded product and update the total with the new value? Also is not updating the total of the order after the refund also the stats in dashboard are wrong because the total that represent is containing and the refund price as well Thank you I'm working on prestashop
  5. I want to setup my own SMTP parameters using the mailgun service. I'm inserting the correct information but it shows me the error "Error: Please check your configuration Authentication failed using username '[email protected]' and password '*******************************'", when I'm pressing testing email
  6. Hello, I'm trying to override the Carrier.php which exist in classes folder. What I did is that I made a copy of this class inside the override/classes and then I deleted all the functions that I dont want and I just keep only the one that I want. I did my modification on the class but it seems is not working. here is my class class Carrier extends CarrierCore { /** * getCarriers method filter */ const PS_CARRIERS_ONLY = 1; const CARRIERS_MODULE = 2; const CARRIERS_MODULE_NEED_RANGE = 3; const PS_CARRIERS_AND_CARRIER_MODULES_NEED_RANGE = 4; const ALL_CARRIERS = 5; const SHIPPING_METHOD_DEFAULT = 0; const SHIPPING_METHOD_WEIGHT = 1; const SHIPPING_METHOD_PRICE = 2; const SHIPPING_METHOD_FREE = 3; const SHIPPING_PRICE_EXCEPTION = 0; const SHIPPING_WEIGHT_EXCEPTION = 1; const SHIPPING_SIZE_EXCEPTION = 2; const SORT_BY_PRICE = 0; const SORT_BY_POSITION = 1; const SORT_BY_ASC = 0; const SORT_BY_DESC = 1; /** @var int common id for carrier historization */ public $id_reference; /** @var string Name */ public $name; /** @var string URL with a '@' for */ public $url; /** @var string Delay needed to deliver customer */ public $delay; /** @var bool Carrier statuts */ public $active = true; /** @var bool True if carrier has been deleted (staying in database as deleted) */ public $deleted = 0; /** @var bool Active or not the shipping handling */ public $shipping_handling = true; /** @var int Behavior taken for unknown range */ public $range_behavior; /** @var bool Carrier module */ public $is_module; /** @var bool Free carrier */ public $is_free = false; /** @var int shipping behavior: by weight or by price */ public $shipping_method = 0; /** @var bool Shipping external */ public $shipping_external = 0; /** @var string Shipping external */ public $external_module_name = null; /** @var bool Need Range */ public $need_range = 0; /** @var int Position */ public $position; /** @var int maximum package width managed by the transporter */ public $max_width; /** @var int maximum package height managed by the transporter */ public $max_height; /** @var int maximum package deep managed by the transporter */ public $max_depth; /** @var int maximum package weight managed by the transporter */ public $max_weight; /** @var int grade of the shipping delay (0 for longest, 9 for shortest) */ public $grade; /** * @see ObjectModel::$definition */ /** * For a given {product, warehouse}, gets the carrier available * * @since 1.5.0 * @param Product $product The id of the product, or an array with at least the package size and weight * @param $id_warehouse * @param int $id_address_delivery * @param int $id_shop * @param Cart $cart * @param array &$error contain an error message if an error occurs * @return array * @throws PrestaShopDatabaseException */ public static function getAvailableCarrierList(Product $product, $id_warehouse, $id_address_delivery = null, $id_shop = null, $cart = null, &$error = array()) { print_r("hello"); } What I'm doing wrong?
  7. I want to override the class that calculates the weight so that instead of returning back false if the range is out of limit to return true and then for each kg to add 30 cents so for example if the basket has 3 kg and the shipping is 4 euros for the 2 kgs then the client will pay 4.30 for shipping. Can anyone help me or give me some information what functions and classes to change that are related to the calculation of the shipping?
  8. I beleive i found a back on the carrier selection. When you have one product which it's carrier does not belongs to the clients carrier it shows the error There are no carriers that deliver to the address you selectedwhich is fine but if you have another product in the cart adds twice the shipping cost and i dont know why. Does anyone knows why? Thank you
  9. How i cannot disable the carrier on limit reach but instead charge 0.30 euro cent for every 1kg?
  10. Hello, basically I have two types of catalog groups one frozen foods and another one which are products whare are not frozen. Because of my carrier limits to some cities I cannot have one carrier for the frozen foods and foods which are not frozen. Therefore I have created two clients group the one to have as a carrier the frozen products and the other one for the other group. Then on products which are frozen I'm selecting the carrier which is for frozen and for the products which are not frozen the other carrier. The issue that I'm having now is that the client has to pay both shipping costs if he put one frozen product and one that is not. Is there any way so I can calculate only one shipping instead of two, for example if the basket has frozen food inside to use only the carrier of frozen because the carrier that ships the frozen food can also ship products which are not frozen. Thank you
  11. I just added the die('here') in public function hookFooter($params) and shows a white page with the message here. Footer is still the same after i deleted the die code, see image
  12. I have added the payment logo block to the displayFooter hook but it doesn't show the payment logos. why? I also checked the html code and is not event there, I'm working on prestashop
  13. Hello, on the project that I'm working on I have a main category which is called Drinks and some few sub categories like Tea, Soft Drinks Alcohol Drinks. I want when the client clicks on the main category from the main menu ("drinks") on the page that will load showing the subcategories that it has and the products that belongs under this sub categories to exclude all the products from the category alcohol and showing them only when you select the alcohol sub category. How I can do it on my template? Thank you [uPDATE] also the products of the alcohol sub category I want them also to be excluded from the home page as well
  14. You reply is for the age to make it required or you post it on a wrong section?
  15. I'm supporting only one country and the frozen they will be shipped only on specific cities, and I want to avoid any problems, conflicts because most of the times clients they don't read all the terms and conditions
  16. By this I will show the categories only on the selected groups. What I want is the category and products which belongs to that category to be visible to all groups but specific groups will allow to add the product to their cart. For example I have a category frozen and groups named GroupA,GroupB,GroupC. I want all the three groups to be able to see the frozen group with its products but only the GroupA will allow to order from this group, to other groups i just want to show a message like" We are apologize but we are not shipping to your address at the moment"
  17. How I can allow users from specific categories to add a products to the cart but clients who belongs to different group to show that this product is not shipped to their area? I'm working on prestashop and I don't want a permanet solution, but a solution that will be not lost on the next update version of prestashop Thank you
  18. Hello, I'm looking a method to make birthday field on the registration form required because I want to add some warnings to categories which needs age restrictions. I don't want on the next update of prestashop this modification to be lost. I'm working on Thank you
  19. The half process is this one and thank you. Now I want to change the city to dropdown list instead of input box and assign the customers automatically to specific groups based on the city they selected. I don't want this modifications to be lost on the next update version of prestashop
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