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  1. Hi all Can any one what is the problem and how to fix, i install the prestashop 1.4.8 problem when customer register new account but there no country list to be choose , please help web site is www.idounlock.com Thanks Ming
  2. i just check back again for the /tools/smarty/cache/ and tools/smarty/compile/ these a lot of files again only delete after one hour any suggestions ? please i don't that we need to site down and keep deleting the cache files . Thanks
  3. do you know any proper solution for this problem, i had this problem since i got the 1.4 and the hosting company told me that my account over use the CPU , then they closed my account for while , after now i total delete the 1.4PS to install the fresh 1.4.5 PS , now again its the same problem again only after i installed 2 weeks later, do you thing the web hosting company could solved this problem properly ? Thanks again
  4. thanks again, what about Root/cache/cachefs/ this folder then? do i need to do anything with it?
  5. yes i delete those files only keep the tools/smarty/compile/index.php file do i need to do anything with Root/cache/cachefs/ this folder then? what about will it happened it again, do i have to do it every day?
  6. do i need to do anything with Root/cache/cachefs/ this folder then? Please help to solve this problem , my web server takes too much CPU memory from the Presta template thanks Ming
  7. yes i checked that and there have a lot of stuff there, do i delete them all files from the fold of cache and compile folders?
  8. hi there i want to be sure, /cache/cachefs/ inside this folder only has index.php one file only, not thing else , any idea ?
  9. hi i have the same problem , do i need to delete the root/cache folder? can i do that? or just delete the /cache/cachefs/ index.php files? Thanks
  10. Solved Thank you very much , you make it so much simply for us, Thanks Dave L
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