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  1. Hello thank you for your advise, but we are a big website and our traffic is so high. It's risky to change default theme. Do you know any solution to show sizes like boxes?
  2. Hello, This is the example product. http://www.istebuayakkabi.com/tr/delwin-bot It's default combination is black - 37 But when you go product page it opens with black - 37
  3. Hello, thank you for reply. In combination list of the product detail, 37 black selected as default combination in back-office. But in the live website when i click the product it shows 36 black as default combination. I think it is about radio buttons for the attribute type.
  4. Hello everyone, This is the first topic of me in here. I've a website based on Prestashop. I select a default combination for a product. But when i view this product in front-office it doesn't open with default combination. For example i select 37 size, color black combo for the shoes, but when i click that shoe it comes with 36 size, color black (first combo of the product) I use radio buttons for the attribute type Can anyone help me for this issue? Thank you for now. Sercan