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  1. Hi! Ok, here I am with what my problem was!! Initially the error given was linked to the stripe plugin, so I wrote to the stripe plugin techs and they were able to exclude the error, finding an error in the theme. So I wrote to the template techs and they were able to see that it wasn't related to the theme. In the meantime I was able to reinstall a copy of the whole site, starting from scratch, same versions of prestashop, theme and necessary modules, and everything worked. So then I installed ALL of the modules the other site had and then it didn't work anymore. So i was able to understand that, even though the error was blaming stripe and/or theme, it was a module issue. I disabled one module at a time and tried to buy, until I found out that the problem was given by the NS Clients / Orders Export module!!! SO MANY HOURS wasted, I just had to disable that plugin and everything worked fine. So my advice is to copy the site to a subfolder, disable all unnecessary plugins and see if it works. If it does, it's a module so start testing one at a time until you find the bastard!! - Joseph
  2. Thanks for your answer! The strange thing is that the error occurs even if I put php 7.1 on the server, I just tried again to be super sure. I wrote a mail to the theme developers, let's see what they say! - Joseph
  3. Hi! Here I am again! Here's a screenshot of the home page with the debug mode on. I just tried another test payment and it didn't work, and in the php_errorlog in prestashop root folder there's this line: Could it be part of the problem?
  4. Hi! If I activate the debug mode I get errors in home page and in complete honesty I wasn’t able to understand much of it, tomorrow I’ll try activating it again and grab some screenshots. thanks for the quick reply!!
  5. Hi! Please help me, I swear to god I'm going crazy!! My client has a prestashop installation and would like to receive payments via credit card with the base (free) stripe plugin. I've tried everything, it doesn't work. Or rather, it actually charges the money from the credit card and deposits it on my client's stripe account, but the checkout page stays frozen and doesn't refresh to the "order complete" page, and also doesn't create the order in backend. It just stays there with the "processing payment" grayed out button. The problem is related to a 500 error that appears in the console (while processing the payment). It's able to correctly send the request, but receives nothing (due to the 500 error). Here's what I did so far: - live website in prestashop on the domain root, with stripe free plugin v2.0.8 -> doesn't work - duplicate of live site in subfolder, with all modules disabled except stripe -> doesn't work - duplicate of live site in subfolder, with all modules disabled except stripe AND base theme (even though the other theme wasn't phisically deleted) -> doesn't work - duplicate of live site in subfolder, with all modules disabled except stripe AND base theme (even though the other theme wasn't phisically deleted) AND updated to last prestashop version -> doesn't work - fresh prestashop install in subfolder, with stripe free plugin v2.0.8 -> WORKS PERFECTLY (therefore it isn't a server or php problem, but should be a module conflict or theme issue) Here's some info: - the site is multilingual - my client want's to show prices only to registered users (and changes prices based on manually assigned groups) - therefore a customer has to create an account, wait for manual approval and group assignment, and only then can he/she buy - the client simply logs into the site and sees prices and add to c art functionality Everything works fine except for the 500 error that occurs on the stripe RETURN. Can you please help me? Here's some technical info: PrestaShop: http://italcomsrl.com/eliminami3/ (exact duplicate of live site) Theme: theme_pedona5-italcom server Linux #1 SMP Tue Oct 9 18:14:47 EEST 2018 x86_64 software del server: Apache PHP: 7.3.16 Memory limit: 768M max execution time: 120 Max file size: 128M Version MySQL: 5.6.40-84.0-log Motor MySQL: InnoDB Driver MySQL: DbPDO At the moment stripe is set on test mode, so you can test by going to the website https://italcomsrl.com/eliminami3 Login in to the account usr: [email protected] pse: prestashop Add any product to the cart and go to the checkout page, therefore pay with stripe with this test-card info: Card number: 4242424242424242 Any 3 digits as the CVC Any future date as the expiry Any 5 digits for the CAP And you'll get the 500 error. The same error on test mode and on live, even though in live stripe actually does successfully charge the credit card. Attached to this post are the screenshots of the firefox console error. Please help guys, I really don't know what else to try ç___ç - Joseph
  6. Hi!! Sorry, I forgot to answer! I also noticed that excel is pretty shitty on csv exports, I saw that OpenOffice is a little more reliable, even though my personal favorite now is google sheets, it's the best. I found out what my problem was: I didn't know that my client had had a programmer modify some core files on his site by another dude before me in order to obligate the user to insert the address on new account registrations, the guy named the new field "my_address_required" (while the default prestashop filed's name is "my_address"). The import got stuck for the fact that the import csv doesn't consider the address at all, but prestashop wouldn't create a new account if there wasn't an address, so that's where everything got stuck. My solution was to undo the programmers modifications, and that worked. AAAAA!! - Joseph
  7. hi thanks for the answer! I'm importing from the classic "advanced parameters > import > clients" using the template file generated from prestashop. The columns match perfectly, but it doesn't import anything. Do you need server configs? Thanks! PS: I'm populating the file in google sheets, I don't know if the csv that it exports has some problems, but I don't think so. I've always exported from sheets without any problems, as a matter of fact I've always had problems with file exported by microsoft excel. mhh...
  8. Hi! I have a problem with prestashop, it stopped importing clients with these errors: - The email address [email protected] (ID: 1) can't be validated. - The property Customer->my_address_required is empty. I actually translated these in English from the Italian errors that I gat on my Italian site: - L'indirizzo email [email protected] (ID: 1) non può essere convalidato. - La proprietà Customer->my_address_required è vuota. It actually imported a contact the first time, one email I imported for test, now there is now way it want's to import others. How can I fix this? Thanks! - Joseph
  9. hi! did anyone find a solution? I have the same exact issue: it imported the first time and now it keeps telling me Customer->my_address_required is empty
  10. did anyone find a solution? I have the same issue on prestashop It actually imported correctly the first time, and now doesn't import anything. It keeps telling me the the email address can't be validated, any kind of email doesn't pass anymore. It basically rtells me that the email cannot be validated and that the property Customer->my_address_required is empty in the attached screenshot I had tried also leaving out the id column, but it gives the same result in any case I try. Any ideas?
  11. Oh yeah, nice news! :D YAAAAYY!! - Joseph
  12. Hi Guys! Thanks for the answers and heads up! Can't wait for prestshop then! yay! - Joseph
  13. Ok, now HERE'S the troubleshooting guide for importing CSV files in Prestashop 1 - YOUR SERVER MAY BE THE PROBLEM. If the import process doesn't work, try on another server. The only difference between my remote and local server (it wasn't working on local) was the PHP version (on remote it's 5.6 and in local it's 7). 2 - When you are able to finally import one CSV file (I always recommend testing both with one of your personal files and the default csv given by prestashop), if prestashop imports it's default file and not yours, the solution may be the editor. I'm on mac and my file wasn't being imported, so i downloaded the example csv file and opened it with open office instead of excel, modified it from there, therefore saved it with a new name, and it finally worked. Thanks for your support guys, Prestashop could have been more clear since the beginning and I really do hope they make a better intro guide for people out there, I wasted a lot of time. I hope this thread helps other people! - Joseph
  14. Good news, I installed a clean prestashop on my server and it does import the example csv file correctly, but it doesn't import my personal one. I'll make sure that it's not related to excel or open office errors, and I'll get back to you asap. Riras, in the end you were right. If prestashop's guide specified this very clearly in the beginning it would have been way better, they should provide the specific technical requirements for the csv import process because it really is strange that in local the site works perfectly except for that particular function! i wouldn't have wasted so much time! PS: the only difference between my remote and local server is PHP version: in local (where the import process doesn't work) i have php 7. Could the problem actually be a newer version of php? I guess it could be! I'll get to you as soon as I' able to test my personal csv files!
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