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  1. Hi, Set up my site and just as a trial to see if checkout is working ok. I set up registered account for when i try and log in it does not allow to to proceed to checkput and always comes back to the registered page for new or registered user. Im confused anyone got any ideas why this is happening. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey.I buy in Dollars and sell in pounds so i convert to price before and i enter it in my default price. That way its works great for invoices. I am a novice at web designing so i find a solution instead. Wrong but it works. But my biggest problem is how the price is displayed in my shop i have 4.99 £ and need £4.99 silly ive changed it before but cannot remember where and how. ha ha
  3. I downloaded Dibs module for accepting payments via a link they sent me. ive uploaded it my server via FTP into modules and its not showing in my module list. Any ideas on why? Thanks in advance for answers John
  4. Why do Presta not answer my question about why is the DNS not changed for my domain name i own and set up the domain name i own to be changed by their system? I even had my host company check the DNS i set is correct by sending them the info in documentation on presta help page. I am so frustrated as i may in time if they do not answer me and get this issue sorted i will change for a company who helps and answers emails.
  5. How do you get the url back for the back office?
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