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  1. Hello. Has Prestashop in 1.7 removed the feature to choose how many products per page to be displayed for users? See the attachement, this was in ps 1.6, but I don't see it for 1.7. Thanks
  2. Solved the problem. The shop was previously on a different server and symfony cache preserved the old database credentials. A simple rename (or delete) of the cache folder in app/cache fixed the problem, since the problem was only on "symfony powered" pages.
  3. If I try to access the products page from the back office I get a 500 HTTP ERROR: What's going on?? Please help. Also same issue with the modules page from the back office.
  4. Hello, I made an override for the Category.php class and I deleted the class_index.php from the cache directory so it would take effect. I've done this before in 1.6.0, I had no problems with this. But now I get a 500 error, I can't access the shop, it won't regenerate the class_index, so I put back the old one and I still get the error. It's not my browser, I can't access the shop from other browsers/computers. What happend?? PS Version: This is how I did the override: class Category extends CategoryCore { public function doStuff(){ // do stuff here } } I put the file in override/classes Please help. EDIT: Never mind, I accidently moved the config directory somewhere else (so annyoing when this happens..)
  5. Hello, I have on my product page the module "products category" to show a list of products from the same category. I've added the hook: {hook h='displayProductListReviews' product=$categoryProduct} to productscategory.tpl to show the rating of the products. I've copied it from product_list.ptl and replaced the paramater with $categoryProduct It works 100%, the rating of all the products appear, the problem now is that the rating of the product on the product page disappears. They use different hooks and tpls, what can I do? For the product on the product page it uses the hook: hookDisplayRightColumnProduct tpl is: productcomments-extra.tpl The one for the products category is: hookDisplayProductListReviews tpl is: productcomments_reviews.tpl I tried making a new hook for the products category but it didn't work..
  6. Ok, so I've replaced "my-account" with "index" but it doesn't take me to the index. What do I need to pass to say take me to the index
  7. Hi there. I've added a modified copy of the login form to the header of my prestashop so my users can log in from any page in the shop. It works as it should, It logs you in, the problem is that it redirects you to the login page and your username (and logout link for that matter) does not appear in the header, they appear once you refresh, or go to any other page. My question is, if I loggin in corectly, how do I redirect myself to the page I once was before I logged in ? or at least redirect me to the index.. Thanks.
  8. Hello! Great work you've done here! Pardon me for asking this, but can you provide a step by step guide on how to duplicate this module manually? I tried it on my own, replacing 'themeszonecarousel' in every file I could find it, but it didn't work..
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