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  1. Eroare fisiere maill

    Salut , unde anume ai selectat tema pe care o folosesti , am si eu problema asta . Multumesc frumos !
  2. it`s seraching only the way what you search in site and few things if you have the searching word in products descriprion
  3. hi , i had these problem with my website prestashop after many changes with no results , i had an ideea to put in preferences / search in BO , max lengh search to 0 and is working well now and i think it takes modification because i changed this too , search.php from classes ? ' \''.pSQL(Tools::substr($word, 1, PS_SEARCH_MAX_WORD_LENGTH)).'%\'' : '\''.pSQL(Tools::substr($word, 0, PS_SEARCH_MAX_WORD_LENGTH)).'%\'' CHange it to ? ' \'%'.pSQL(Tools::substr($word, 1, PS_SEARCH_MAX_WORD_LENGTH)).'%\'' : '\'%'.pSQL(Tools::substr($word, 0, PS_SEARCH_MAX_WORD_LENGTH)).'%\''
  4. Search two or more words

    i have the same issue , can you tell me what version you got ? i have PS version search.php or search.tpl ? thank you !
  5. this module it`s worlking only with another module wich cost 144$
  6. Adding new carrier to items in bulk

    Nemo ! you saved me and many other , thank you. this module verry big time saver
  7. tjtang thank you it is working.
  8. it works for me , prestashop v1.6.0.14 , thank you!