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  1. Hello Guys, Having a Prestashop 1.6.1.x and the webservice is not working. When typing in "domain.com/api/" I just got a redirecting error. The webserver is running Nginx, and I think the problem is with this. In htaccess, I have these rules: RewriteRule . - [E=REWRITEBASE:/] RewriteRule ^api$ api/ [L] RewriteRule ^api/(.*)$ %{ENV:REWRITEBASE}webservice/dispatcher.php?url=$1 [QSA,L] Anyone that knows how to get this working again ? I tried all sorts of things with no luck.
  2. Hello Guys, Is it possible to add a location field to Prestashop 1.6 without enabling the (ASM) Advanced Stock Management ? I dont need all the functionality of ASM, but would like to type in simple warehouse location. I can add the field under information easily.... but anyone knows where to store the information in the database... ? If table not exists, I can add it manually. Would like to store it the right place, as if ASM was enabled, so other modules can extract this information.
  3. Hello Guys, I am tryling to change my PRODUCT.TPL and add a link where SKU is a part of the URL. The problem is that most products has combinations, and the SKU is changing. How can I add the dynamic SKU to this link line ? <a aria-hidden="true" href="https://www.addon.com/widget/backlink/434443?sku=SKU-HERE" rel="nofollow">
  4. I am working on a site, where 1 categori keeps redirecting to frontpage of shop. If I change category URL to something new, it will work again. But if I change it back to what it should be, its just redirecting back to frontpage again. Why is it doing this... ? I cant seem to find entries in DB regarding this, and dont have redirect modules. Its this URL: https://bnfarver.dk/traebeskyttelse Anyone that can help find the error ?
  5. Interresting module... But I forgot to mention, that not all countries will have same checkout module, and payment options. Can the module handle that ?
  6. Hello Guys, I am about to set up a new Prestashop 1.7, and I need it to run Multistore, with 1 shop for each country. The way I see it, I can do it 2 different way, but which one would be the best way ? Each country will have its own domain. ex. shop.com / shop.co.uk / shop.de / shop.fr Each shop will be dealing in country specifik currency only Each shop will be in country specifik language. All shops will share customers, products and categories. Should I create all shops under the default group or should I make group for each country ? Please let me know what you think would be the best way.
  7. Ønsker lidt hjælp/input til et Prestashop/e-conomic problem. Integrationen sker ved hjælp af dette modul: https://prestashop.butikki.dk/da/home/10-e-conomic-integrationsmodul.html Det fungere helt perfekt i den danske shop, men i den svenske har vi lidt udfordringer. Når en svensk virksomhed handler, så skal de opkræves moms, medmindre de validere deres VAT nummer på deres Prestashop konto, men hvordan styres det med de momszoner der er i e-conomic ? I modulets opsætning skal der angives momszoner for privat og firma. Men sætter vi momszone firma til EU, så prøver den at oprette alle ordre uden moms, selv om de ikke har valideret CVR nummer, og så fejler modulet ved overførsel, da beløbene ikke stemmer. Nogen der har noget input, og som måske lige kan hjælpe mig i mål med opsætningen ?
  8. Hell Guys, I have module A and Module B on my Prestashop. Module A is installed and is working fine. But I cannot install Module B, because it uses same override Class as Module A - so I get an error when I click install. Developer of module A, tells me I need to manually install module B, but how do I do that ? Developer of module B did not answer my email, regarding the install problem. Any of you out there, that can tell me what to do here ? Someone must have been in same situation. Thanks.
  9. Hello, I had version 2.0 installed, and wanted to upgrade to 2.1.4. I tried to upload new module to modules folder, but get the following error: [PrestaShop] Fatal error in module file :/home/profilla/public_html/modules/smartblog/upgrade/install-2.1.0.php: Cannot redeclare upgrade_addquickaccess() (previously declared in /home/site/public_html/modules/smartblog/upgrade/install-2.0.1.php:45) Anyone knows what might be wrong ?
  10. Hello Guys, I have a Prestashop version, and has enabled multistore. Until now I have had 2 shops with differend currencies. And exchange rate for second currency working fine. I just enabled a new shop, so I have 3 shops now... the new shop is setup with euro as currency, and I have entered 0.134228 as exchange rate. But the shop only display the € symbol on the price, it do NOT change the price from main currency to euro price. I have tried almost everything, and cant get it to show the right EURO price, only the symbol. What can I try to get it working ? Its really strange because it works on me second shop where the exchange rate is 1.25 Please let me know, if you have a solution. Thanks.
  11. Hello Chibanou, I have solved this issue with a super nice module and service. http://www.webshipr.com/ One click, and it captures the payment, closes the order, prints shipping labels, and delivery slip.... We love it !
  12. Hello Guys, I have a strange problem which is driving me crazy. I just enabled multistore in my, and set it according to documentation. My hosting provider is using Cpanel, and I added DomainB to my account as an ALIAS. So far so good... now the strange thing. My main shop (DomainA) is working perfectly with and without www My new shop (DomainB) is ONLY working with www. If you type without www you will be redirected to DomainA shop. What the f.... is going on ? Someone that has seen this before ? Im almost out of options now. I tried change htaccess with rewrite rules, but they dont seem to be read, or just ignored. So I think it is something with cpanel now. I really hope you can help me correct this issue. Thanks.
  13. Got a solution... Use if you want. /admin/themes/default/template/helpers/form/form.tpl Add the following. {* Hide prices for profile ID=4 (translator) *} {if $class_name == 'Product' && $employee->id_profile == 4} <style type="text/css"> #link-Prices {literal}[spam-filter]/literal}display: none;{literal[spam-filter]{/literal} </style> {/if}
  14. Hello... I am about to change my shop to a Multi-Store. At the moment I have only one language installed, and there is no language id in the URL. I have made extensive linkbuilding to sub-pages, and as soon as I add another langauge for my new shop, which will be an excact copy of the shop, just in another language, then the URL structure will change with an lang-id in the URL. Is it not possible to do one language for each multishop, so there will be no lang-id in the URL ? Or, can it be done with a rewrite rule in htaccess. ??? I hope you guys have an idea... Thanks.
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