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  1. Hola a todos, Por alguna razón siempre que se realiza un pago con tarjeta a través de PayPal o PayU (DineroMail) aparece un mensaje de error en el área de "Mensajes" que está dentro de cada pedido, el mensaje es: "Advertencia: la clave de seguridad está vacía, revise su cuenta de pago antes de la validación", ¿porqué sucede esto? ¿alguien que me pueda ayudar? Gracias!!
  2. Hi everyone, My block related products its always showing the same products, I mean, it shows the same 6 products from the same category and I have more than just 6 products in that category, what can I do?. How can I make it "more random". Thank u
  3. Hi, I need a module that reminds to the client that he needs to renew his suscription to my product. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  4. Hi! Im trying to show a different photo in the home featured block, I want to show the second photo of each product, but when I change it in the code, it will affect the rest of the home photos. How can I change only the photos of the home featured block? Thanks! Im using PrestaShop™
  5. Hi, how can I add the floating add to cart animation?, I'm using prestashop, with the theme Pts NextStore (http://bit.ly/1C802II) Now I just have the pop-up, but I need the animation, thank u!
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