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  1. I'm on Prestashop and am running into the same error discussed previously in this topic. It seems that a bug was fixed but I'm still getting the error. Any thoughts?
  2. We recently moved from the cloud version and are now hosting Prestashop ourselves. When I tried logging into my add-on account, I was not successful so I went through the reset password function, which worked. I want to change the cryptic auto-assigned password I received from Prestashop. Can someone tell me how to change the add-on marketplace password? Thanks!
  3. I'm new to Prestashop and so far, I am very impressed. There is one major element of the platform that is baffling to me -- the lack of customization of the checkout process through the back office. These days, having a cumbersome or confusing checkout process leads to many lost sales, so optimizing the checkout experience is the most important part of the whole process. So I was really disappointed to find out that you need to customize code, which leads to maintenance headaches in the future, to customize the checkout experience. We sell virtual products so collecting an address or birthdate is not at all relevant. The OPC doesn't really help as it requires the same information, just in a one page format. It's really frustrating that there is not an easy way to hide the birthday field, which is a definite issue here in the U.S., from the checkout process using the back office. I'm hoping that I'm missing an obvious solution, but having read many posts, I'm not optimistic. If there is an add-on that will work without customizing code and integrates with Stripe, I'd be happy to pay for it. Thanks for listening. Again, this is a fantastic platform. It's just frustrating to find that limitation in such a critical area of the purchasing process.
  4. I have the same question. We only sell virtual products and so the delivery fields step that appears in checkout is completely irrelevant to our customers. It will actually lead to cart abandonment. I have my products setup as virtual so I would have thought that when checking out, delivery address fields would not be displayed. Any help with how to remove those fields from checkout would be greatly appreciated!
  5. I am also interested in adding text to my home page. I was able to get the text into the Home Text Editor and it is appearing at the bottom of my page. I want it to appear at the top, right above the featured products. When I try to use the live edit to move it there, it won't work. When I tried to transplant and hook to DisplayHomeTabs, I get an error stating that the module can't be transplanted. Any thoughts? Here is my page. Thanks! http://capturelife.pswebstore.com/
  6. We want to use Stripe as our merchant account with our Prestashop storefront. I've seen some add-ons that support Stripe integration. One appears to be from Prestashop. I'd appreciate your thoughts on which add-on you believe works best with Stripe. Tight integration with the back office for easy return processing is important to us. Thanks!
  7. Hi. We are using the hosted version of Prestashop and selling digital products where shipping is not applicable..I've seen ways to remove the shipping references when you host the platform yourself, but not finding a way to remove the shipping step during checkout with the hosted version. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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