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  1. Hi. I have products that are made of different brands (its a collection of products in a package). I would like to assign more than one manufacturer for this product, any idea how this can be done? Or if there is any 3rd party tool to manage multiple brands to products i can use. Thanks.
  2. Even better solution was to delete folder name cache and recreate it with 755 permissions - that make things much faster now.
  3. Just solved it - From SQL admin, use this sql query: SELECT `id_customer` , `active` , `id_gender` , `email` , `passwd` , `birthday` , `lastname` , `firstname` , `newsletter` , `optin` , "1" FROM `ps_customer` Click on Export, choose CSV, remove the "&quot& and replace the "," with ";". Copy the output to a text file with .CSV at the name Import Done.
  4. Hi I have the same problem - i imported my customers and got successfully imported message, but no customers been imported. If anyone have a solution for this, please advise. thanks.
  5. I got the same problem with the look. It is not as it should have been. Any idea how to fix it? it was ok on earlier versions. thanks.
  6. It works with this line: $sql .= ' ORDER BY p.`quantity`>0 DESC,'.(isset($orderByPrefix) ? $orderByPrefix.'.' : '').'`'.pSQL($orderBy).'` '.pSQL($orderWay); But, the only problem now is when i have in same page products in stock and out of stock - in this case the order is not correct - it goes by the selected order (price for example).
  7. Hi I finally found the location where to change the sorting in categories. Line 537 in Classes/category.php The original line to replace is $sql .= ' ORDER BY '.(isset($orderByPrefix) ? $orderByPrefix.'.' : '').'`'.pSQL($orderBy).'` '.pSQL($orderWay).' But i am not about the line that i need to put instead (as to whitelighter's suggestion) since the syntax here is different. Please help
  8. Thank you whitelighter ! - your way works better (even without the problem i had with Name sorting). Let me know if you find the place i need to change so it will take effect on category view as well. Thanks again,
  9. Come on! please! anyone? It should be easy to anyone that familiar with CSS. I need this for version 1.4.x . Thanks.
  10. Ill try and let you know soon if this works too. Any idea where can i put this in order it to take effect on category vies as well? Thanks.
  11. Ok, found it myself. Just added the following code into classes/Search.php at line 269 replace this: WHERE p.`id_product` '.$productPool.' '.($orderBy ? 'ORDER BY '.$orderBy : '').($orderWay ? ' '.$orderWay : '').' LIMIT '.(int)(($pageNumber - 1) * $pageSize).','.(int)$pageSize; with : WHERE p.`id_product` '.$productPool.' '.'ORDER BY CASE p.`quantity` WHEN 0 THEN p.`quantity` END ASC , CASE p.`quantity` WHEN 80 THEN p.`'.$orderBy.'` ELSE p.`'.$orderBy.'` END '.$orderWay.' '.' LIMIT '.(int)(($pageNumber - 1) * $pageSize).','.(int)$pageSize; One note - From some reason it doesnt work when ordering by name, so i just removed that option (works for me). Also, This affect only on searches, but not when going to a category (and usually there you would like to keep the original ordering). In case you know how to set the same in categories, please let me know. Thanks
  12. Okay. i know now that this is the SQL ordering i would like to do, but i dont know where can i put the code so it will take affect: ORDER BY (CASE `quantity` WHEN 0 THEN `quantity` ELSE `id_product` END) DESC'
  13. Hi All, I would like to change a bit the way products being presented. I need two level of sorting: 1. same as we have today - user choose it and default by order or date... 2. products with quantity=0 (not in stock) will always show last. Is it possible to do such sorting? thanks,
  14. So in case no one know how to do the above or it cant be done, Is there a way to do this instead: Show products that has quantity=0 as gray (same as it show with mouseover)? Thanks.
  15. Hi All, I am trying over and over to find a way to add small picture that says "out-of-stock" above the product picture. I found the location in product-list.tpl where product is shown when it is out of stock, but i dont know the code i need to use in order to draw the second image just above the product image. Can anyone please advise? Thank you!
  16. Hi All, I am trying to add picture of "out of stock" or "new" symbol above products pictures where product is out of stock or new with some level of transperancy. I know it should be something with z-index ... and i know i should probably change something at product-list.tpl, but i think i will need help here. i will be greatful If anyone can help with it (The best will be to create a module for it...) Thank you, Eyal.
  17. Hi all, Is there a way to run products import from command line (on the server) instead of using the web gui? Thanks, eyal.
  18. The main change was to change the return line at the hotprice.php to: return $this->display(__FILE__, 'product.tpl'); This way it will send the data to the product page. In addition, i added the hot price block to the right side which is invisable at my tpl. At the product.tpl i added all the literal script and some more graphical changes. Also, fixed another bug i find (when you are looking at the page and it came to zero, it will continue for another day!!): in the literal part: var ended = 0; //days ='30'; {literal} <!-- function setCountDown() { seconds--; if ((days < 1) && (hours < 1) && (minutes < 1) && (seconds < 1 )) { ended=1; } if (seconds < 0){ minutes--; seconds = 59 } if (minutes < 0){ hours--; minutes = 59 } if (hours < 0){ days--; hours = 23 } if (days < 1){ $("#remain").html(hours+":"+minutes+":"+seconds); } else { var d = (days > 1 ? ldays : lday ); $("#remain").html(days +" " + d + " "+hours+":"+minutes+":"+seconds); } if ( ended < 1) { setTimeout ("setCountDown()", 1000 ); } and later on i am using it: {if $ended > 0} <div class="block_content"> <div id="hotprice"> <table><BR> <tr><td class="on_sale"><b><font color=red>{l s='SORRY : Special Sale Ended!'}</font></b></td></tr> </table> </div> </div> {/if} Hope it helps...
  19. Just added another script that checks: 1. If item is available or removed from my source. 2. If item is out of stock or temporary out of stock. 3. If item requires "express shipping" The script also update prices and disable the product if it is not vailable any longer! I just ran it for 2000 items and it updated it in ~2 hours only! - thats so cool! I am still waiting for feedbacks - PLEASE! Regards.
  20. Ho...i mean - look for the example inside the products page. And you can see another example for the products in this page: http://www.royal-digits.com/prices-drop.php
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