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  1. Hello, Has anybody else experienced this issue? When replying to an email sent from the prestashop contact form using the iPhone's apple mail, it returns a permanent error. "This message has been rejected because it has a potentially executable attachment.".. However, when I use other email programs, it works fine. Thanks, Mark
  2. Dan, you can try the multiple html block from phasepot. It seems to work well for me. Also, if you know how to add a custom menu in the back office, please share. Or any other cool modules you know about. https://sites.google.com/site/phrasespot/home/modules/insert-anywhere Take care, Mark
  3. Hello, I hope everyone here is doing well and is having great success with this wonderful open source software. I have been able to figure out most problems I come across with prestashop, but I recently received error messages from my host with email send failures. I figured out it's due to customers entering their email wrong. However, after I correct their email, there's no way to resend their login information and password. Does anyone have a solution on how to resend their info? Thank you. Mark
  4. Hi there, I just downloaded a .zip file jbreux-jbx_menu-3b508ea.zip from the github and attempted to install the module in the module section / "add modules from my computer". Usually, most modules I install this way appear in the module list and can be searchable. However, Jbx menu module will not show up in the list. I am using prestashop 1.4.1 Do I have to rename the folder to a specific name? If so, what is it? I tried looking through the readme and tpl files but I cannot seem to find what needs to be done to install this properly. I know there's a new prestashop version available, but we have to save up funds and set aside time before we can pursue further development efforts to catch up with the latest prestashop Thanks for your help.. Mark
  5. Hi, Did someone figure this out? I'm getting an error: "Prestashop could not connect to USPS webservices : USPS Webservice seems to be down, please wait a few minutes and try again." Seems to be a common problem. Is there a solution? Thank you, Mark
  6. I'm looking for multiple free blocks as well. I only have one. But I can use one more please. Thanks, Mark
  7. Hi Babyewok, I am having the same issue I think. Where did you change this at? What file and where? I need SSL and it keeps Telling me there's unsecure items on the site. Thank you, Mark
  8. Hi, This is so far the best shopping cart experience I've had, until we reached this error. We are using 1.4 and have already finished the site. Once we clicked to require the birthday, it does not allow users to go past this section even when they input a birthday. Will someone please tell me which files to update. Thank you, Mark
  9. Hi Jeroen, I just figured this one out. Go to "Employees" tab and select "Contacts". You should be able to add custom selections such as Customer Service, technical support, etc. I hope this helps you or some other people out. So, does anyone know how to add a phone number and address to the contact page? I'm thinking I have to manually edit the tpl file.. Opinions? Thank you, Mark
  10. If someone needs help implementing the shareasale tracking pixel in their shopping cart, let me know. Thanks again to Kjeld for sharing this.
  11. Hi there, How did you do it? Is it compatible with the newest version of Prestashop? (v1.4)?? Please share how you made this work. Kind regards, Mark
  12. Hi, so what were the results? I'm about to build using prestashop, but would like to know If I can import current customers. ?? Thanks..
  13. Hi there Vezy, I love the way your site looks. =) I am new at this and I am having a difficult time implementing the menu/subcategory style that you have. The original moon theme categories seem a bit all over the place. Also, how do I get my logo to show in the same area as yours? Thank you for your help. Take care, Mark
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