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  1. HI vekia how to get total number of PRODUCTS in cart without QUANTITIES
  2. HI pascal i have made the above said thing but the data is not getting inserted in the particular field in the database any help.
  3. Hi super hero (sum4444), this module isn't working for me here is my shop URL its a testing server http://8daysaweek.in/frenchbob_geek. Please Help me out.
  4. HI please can u tell how to get order->refernce (also called as order->name or order->number) for the same
  5. Hi vekia how can i print category and product name seperately in this context and category must appear only once. Hi vekia how can i print category and product name seperately in this context and category must appear only once.
  6. Hi, I have a hometab module at checkout page below cart summary. To make it show user as Checkout Upselling. Now the thing is if the user adds product to cart on click add to cart it is not showing summary, but if i refresh the page it is showing, so i thought of refreshing a Div, but i failed doing it. Please check it here http://frenchbob.com add a product and go to quick order or checkout page. Can any one help in this point. Thank you.
  7. HI vekia i'm using prestashop i have 500 server error on COD i confirm my order. it is when the user entering additional message otherwise it is working fine. And same happening at admin side when adding a message in message area. Please check the attached PDF file that thing i got at http://frenchbob.com/module/cashondelivery/validation when i set ps_dev_mode to TRUE frenchbob3.pdf
  8. Hi Guys, I have a weird problem with my prestahsop a confirmation mail is sent to the User even on payment Failure. how to resolve this Issue. To solve this i tried to set in the admin to send payment failure email now the thing is payment failure and confirmation email both are being sent. I want to send only payment failure email. Help me
  9. Hi, Actually the corousel functionality and tabs functionality is not working there. how ever i'm removing functional buttons code. (The module is same as home featured products of default bootstrap.) So i want to make the carousel functionality work how to achieve that.
  10. HI vekia please review this I have done some changes by myself in the code. i have been to cshometab.php in line 55 i added this || !$this->registerHook('displayShoppingCartFooter') next i copy pasted the whole public function hookdisplayHome() code and renamed to public function hookdisplayShoppingCartFooter() ihave done this so that i can hook the module to home page and checkout page as well. and in module positions i transplanted the position to displayShoppingCartFooter. i also added this code in shopping-cart.tpl at last line {if isset($HOOK_HOME_TAB_CONTENT) && $HOOK_HOME_TAB_CONTENT|trim} {if isset($HOOK_HOME_TAB) && $HOOK_HOME_TAB|trim} <ul id="home-page-tabs" class="nav nav-tabs clearfix"> {$HOOK_HOME_TAB} </ul> {/if} <div class="tab-content">{$HOOK_HOME_TAB_CONTENT}</div> {/if} I got the result but missing some design and some functionality and the products are displaying in big size. here u can check by adding a product to cart here http://techxtro.com/testbob2/44-home-decor on clicking checkout it proceeds to http://techxtro.com/testbob2/quick-order (the page where i displayed featured products block of my theme)
  11. Hi vekia thanks for reply. Please check the image I exactly need it after the shopping cart summary. In place of that "We recommend(cross selling module)" module. {More Specific: middle of shopping 'cart summary' and 'continue shopping button'}
  12. Hi threre is a home featured module in default prestashop theme for displaying the new arrivals and popular products in centercolumn. how can i make that display at the checkout page how to hook it please tell me thank you. I guess the checkout page is order-carrier.tpl file. please reply. Thankyou.
  13. Hi Sir, how can use font awesome for CMS pages. Plz tel me. Thank you
  14. HI guys, My Prestashop is not using cache please check this image its showing the css file name instead of showing a cache file name. Any suggestions or solutions
  15. Hi guys plz help plz check my post https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/448127-unable-to-import-csv/
  16. Hi sorry for delay reply. Accept my apologise. I have checked that option, its enabled defaultly and its ot giving acccess to disable or enable again.
  17. HI i have faced this error while uploading csv file. plz help me
  18. HI i was trying to import csv file for products but its shoing this error
  19. HI forum, I was trying to import csv file for my products in PS but its showng the following error PFA.
  20. Hi, In positions Instead of doing some other block by mistake I have made a cart block module not visible in my home page. By specifying the files for which you do not want the module to be displayed. How to get it back visible in my home page. Suggestions plz. Im confused.
  21. Hi Tomer, Hope ur correct person to help me. I have changed hosting of my website, after that attributes are not showing up for individual product page. Previoulsy wen the website was in old hosting it was working fine. Awaiting your reply. TIA.
  22. HI , I have changed the hosting of my website, previous when it was in old hosting the attributes where working fine. But as i changed my hosting the attributes are not working Prestashop is not showing any of the attributes.. PLease help me solve the issue. Thanks in Advance http://frenchbob.com/home/46-floral-cushion-cover.html
  23. hi patri i have PM you the admin credentials and required details please check those and do the needful Thank you
  24. Its in local host mean while please tell me how to check whether fancy box disabled or not if disabled how to enable. PLease help me as soon as possible..
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