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  1. Since 11u30 i'm trying to trace down the problem in the code and i think i finally found it. In classes/order/Order.php foreach ($this->getCartRules() as $order_cart_rule) { if ($order_cart_rule['free_shipping'] && $free_shipping_tax === 0) { $free_shipping_tax = $this->total_shipping_tax_incl - $this->total_shipping_tax_excl; $order_discount_tax_excl -= $this->total_shipping_tax_excl; $expected_total_base += $this->total_shipping_tax_excl; } $cart_rule = new CartRule($order_cart_rule['id_cart_rule']); if ($cart_rule->reduction_product > 0) { if (empty($product_specific_discounts[$cart_rule->reduction_product])) { $product_specific_discounts[$cart_rule->reduction_product] = 0; } $product_specific_discounts[$cart_rule->reduction_product] += $order_cart_rule['value_tax_excl']; $order_discount_tax_excl -= $order_cart_rule['value_tax_excl']; } } On the 2nd line the condition $order_cart_rule['free_shipping'] always seems to be "0". Even if this cart rule actually is free shipping this is still "0" and that's why the rest of the tax calculation is wrong. If i look in Price Rules > Cart Rules > Edit (ID: 32) > Tab Actions there the Free shipping is set to YES. However in the database in ps_order_cart_rule at id_cart_rule: 32 the `free_shipping` is "0". Seems to be a bug after all.
  2. Hi, We're using PrestaShop v1.6.1.11 and our accountant noticed an error with the Tax-detail calculation on the invoices. I created a screenshot with the problem and what the result should be. Could this be due to a misconfiguration or is there an issue with PrestaShop's tax calculation? I guess the former since i can't find any related issues, but then i wonder where the problem could be...
  3. Hallo Alex, Sinds eergisteren heb ik exact hetzelfde probleem. Is zijn geen updates geweest, geen aanpassingen aan .tpl files, ... niks die een oorzaak kan hebben imo. Heb jij dan nog gevonden wat aan de grond van dit probleem lag?
  4. Hi, Emails about orders and tracking info are sent out successfully, but when we use the Customer Service to send an email, nothing gets sent out. We can't configure the IMAP option in the Customer Service settings because IMAP is not installed on our server. But doesn't the Customer Service use the SMTP mailserver as configured in Advanced Settings -> E-mail?
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