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  1. Thanks a lot for reply but still doesn't work. My contact form works at 100% if the user have any questions contacts and I receive email. The mailalerts still not working.
  2. Missing Files (2) .gitignore .gitmodules I lack these two files and do not know if they are important. I corrected the errors in the server but the mailalerts still not working.
  3. Hi all, My version in Prestashop is The mailalerts module at this point is not sending me an email when the user purchases a product and can not figure out why. I've done the debug and there is no error. I've done which are necessary changes to the server to be everything right. The only thing missing is update 3 modules but I do not think that's why it will give error. Does anyone know why this happens? thank you
  4. So if they activate me curl php I will take advantage of mailalerts without errors? It is that my site is giving stupid mistakes as some mobile brands the store does not work and other yes. As the attribute search some work and some do not
  5. I have one error classes/Tools.php [2] curl_exec() has been disabled for security reasons I am looking on google a solution but there is little so far
  6. Finally I install mailalerts this link but to make the purchase'm not notified that received an order. http://Finally I install mailalerts this link but to make the purchase'm not notified that received an order. https://www.prestash...em-mail-alerts/
  7. Finalmente eu consegui instalar o mailalert através deste link https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/280410-prestashop-156-problem-mail-alerts/ Mas ao fazer a validação da compra continuo a não receber nenhuma notificação que um utilizador comprou um artigo da minha loja
  8. I installed this module that you recorded and does not show me any data you menus. I wanted to see if the requirements that need to prestashop on my server were all operational. Then I tried to install mailalerts you gave me and does not show anything in the modules.
  9. Eu ainda agora tentei instalar o modulo phpinfo para poder visualizar o que meu servidor possuía e ele não me mostra nada. Saquei o mailalerts no github e instalei o modulo logo de seguida e nem aparece no backend para instalar. Já entrei em contacto com o servidor e não me respondem. Tenho de resolver isto e estou empatado.
  10. I try install one module for phpinfo() to view the features of my server and does not show anything. This mailalerts also does not install -.-
  11. como é que eu vou saber se o meu servidor está a suportar isso tudo? Só entrando em contacto com eles certo? ele dá este erro não sei se é normal "Warning na linha 1806 do ficheiro /home/bwchic/public_html/wafl.pt/classes/Tools.php [2] curl_exec() has been disabled for security reasons"
  12. No meu backoffice não aparece Já tinha tentado dessa maneira. Não sei porque nao aparece
  13. I dont have that module i don't know. My prestashop it is in portuguese It will be for that? o.O I don't think so. I tried found this module in addons and is paid.
  14. Hello! My version of PrestaShop is I would like to when a user makes a purchase in my store I receive an email saying that a user intends to make a purchase in my store. Since I am the administrator has logic. The problem is already turned upside po prestashop the air and could not find a solution. Someone could help me? Already grateful, José Cerejo
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