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  1. I've read as many posts as I could find on this subject, and tried many variations and nothing I've tried seems to be working. I've also read the "Get help!" info in the Referrers area under Technical Information - Simple mode, but I'm still confused. Could someone descibe in very plain words how to correctly use and setup the "HTTP referrer" and "Request Uri" (include and exclude) fields? Possibly giving an example of how to use these? I simply want to give an 'affiliate' the ability to put a link on their site, that goes to one of my store products, and gives that affiliate credit when a visitor/user clicks on the link on their site that takes them to my store product page. Could you could give an example of what one might put in each of these fields, AND then what exactly the URL is that should be given to an affiliate to place on their site? I would be SO appreciative if someone who has successfully set this up could take the time to walk through this in steps that anyone could understand. Thank you!!
  2. We just successfully moved our prestashop from one hosting company to another. As far as I can tell, everything is working fine in the shop on the new server. However, we're having trouble with the downloadable products that are audio files. The files download as expected, but when you listen to them, they are jittery/jumpy sounding, as if the file might have somehow become corrupted. I've tried uploading and overwriting an existing downloadable product file, and this corrected the problem for this product. However we have dozens of downloadable audio files - is there some way we can fix the sound problem for these files without having to re-upload every single product download file? Thanks!
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