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  1. Hello, when a user pay with Paypal is the redirect automatically to the Prestashop site. But if the Prestashop has not received the IPN communication yet the Thank you page is blank and the transaction is not registered by Google Analytics. Is there any solution to this issue? Thank you, Fabrizio
  2. Hello, did you find a solution to decrease the stock amount when a new order is submitted? Thank you, Fabrizio
  3. Purtroppo no. E tra l'altro non è neppure banale perché andrebbero modificati un mucchio di template diversi. Perché ogni tipo di contenuto e modulo ha il suo header. Fabrizio
  4. Hello, I know that with PS you can offer a gift wrap for the whole order. But I need to add the possibility to request a gift wrap for a single line of the order. Do you have any suggestion to do that? This should also increase the price. My products already are combinations so I can not add a new one for the gift wrap. Any hint? Thank you, Fabrizio
  5. Thank you for your feedback. The real problem is that Prestashop uses the same field for 2 different goals. Because the Shop Name is used elsewere otherwise it would be good to add it to the tilte. Fabrizio
  6. Ciao a tutti, il nome del portale (shop_name) viene aggiunto in coda al <title> di tutte le pagine. Esiste una configurazione per evitare ciò senza modificare il sorgente? Saluti, Fabrizio
  7. Hello, my SEO expert told me that it is wrong to display the shop name at the end of all titles. How can I avoid it? I'd like to set the titles for my pages in the SEO setting without the shop name. Thank you, Fabrizio
  8. Hello, in the shipping section of my orders I always see 2 carries: the latter is the real carrier selected by the user while the former is an old carrier that I have deleted. If I find its ID and I deactivate it another one is shown. So I understand that old carriers are not deleted and they are chosen as shipping method at the beginning. How can I avoid this? Thank you, Fabrizio
  9. Hello, I have activated Paypal Pro service and it works for desktop payments. But when I try to pay with a phone a different button is shown and it seams it is using the express checkout and not the Paypal Pro one because I am requested to sign up in Paypal. I do not see any config for this in the backend. Thank you, Fabrizio
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