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  1. Thanks Fabio.. that fixed it. Disabled the orderfees module But could cause this? I mean why does it work in normal mode, and not in catalog mode?
  2. What could cause a working site to stop displaying moving sliders when in catalog mode?
  3. It seems as if no jquery javascript is loading in catalog mode, as the slider is not working or any sliding feature such as a testimonials slider I have. Or even blog posts in slider etc. 4kitchens.com.au any thoughts?
  4. https://4kitchens.com.au/ I have it in maintenance mode for now
  5. Hi all, I have put a prestashop shop into catalog mode, and sliders stopped working. Both Unite Revolution Slider and another slider used for testimonials don't work. Once I remove catalog mode, everything works fine again. Any thoughts, help, would be appreciated thanks
  6. OK they changed the process time to 5 minutes. I enabled the default theme then ran 1 click upgrade and all completed properly. So thanks for that. Is the forum being hacked? All these asian topics popping up?
  7. I will contact the service provider and see how we go. What's all these asian text on the forum which are gone today? Is the Prestashop forum being hacked?
  8. Same problem here. Been looking online for people's suggestions and trying them with no luck. I mean if everyone is getting this error, then it can't be a server issue. We are not all hosting on the same server. This is actually putting me off, and I'm now considering a different shopping cart solution. researching now for an alternative. All these errors, precautions you need to take before you update, and it keeps failing is very frustrating. I've spent time and money on modules, theme etc, and can't run a simple update? I hope they fix it soon, but from what I can see these problems are not going away. People have had them for ages. I cannot believe they do not mention how buggy a system is, in reviews.
  9. Yes , I really like one of their demos and I think it will suit what I want perfectly. I would love to edit the default theme but it does need a lot of work and extra features. The 1.6 default theme seemed more complete.
  10. Really like the fact that the warehouse theme has so many sales and good reviews but I'm afraid it might be overwhelming with features. Some of the addons might prove useful though like the custom html module
  11. Have you had any experience with themes by Prestashop team?
  12. thanks for that theme as well. I know what you mean regarding a simple theme. Themes tend to be overwhelming with addons so they can attract more customers and be more flexible with people's needs. But simple store with the basic needs, does not require so many addons. Even page builders. I think that page builders are more a tool for people designing themes.
  13. Thanks for that link. It's a great theme and one I will consider for sure. I was browsing and just came across and was looking at the Amelia theme from Apollo themes http://apollotheme.com/products/free-ap-amelia-prestashop-theme-version-1-7-2-1 The Warehouse theme has tons of options and addons which could prove helpful in the future. Even if right now they seem too much for a simple store. How is it regarding updates? I mean, when updating the theme along with prestashop?
  14. Yes you're right. I have been making websites using joomla and paid templates. But a simple CMS site is very different from an eCommerce site. I have created a Prestashop site once, and used a paid theme. The site does work, but I had to use so many modules with so much customizing done to them from their developers (to suit my needs), that I can no longer update anything. My only concern with updates are security patches. Now I need to make a simple store. So I guess I will end up getting a paid theme. I don't think I will need any special custom addons so it should be fine this time around. I just hope the theme does get updated so that it follows the Prestashop updates. I would hate to not be able to update Prestashop because the theme would break.
  15. Hi all, using the classic theme of 1.7 installation, I cannot find the code of the primary color of the theme and its hover. Does anyone know how to change that main color theme on links, etc ? I need to enter it in custom.css so I can apply my own color. It must be the brand-primary color: #2FB5D2 Has anyone got some css code that changes all places of that theme color? thanks
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