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  1. I use for my WP websites https://getcomposer.org/, so I can install every plugin and extensions directly using composer, my question is, is there any support to use prestashop with composer? Thx
  2. If I go in backend to the: Preferences->Search and try to add new products to index i get after few seconds error 500 I click every time on: "Add missing products to the index" I tried to increase memory but nothing new happens. How can i solve this? I have around 5000 products.
  3. My prestashop version is:, i tried with lower versions, what can be wrong with php configuration? Because I don't noticed this error on old host and php version is: 5.3 at the moment i can't change php version.
  4. My php version is 5.9, if i want to save translation, then only sometimes is saved. That happens with all type of translations, i mean frontend, backend. What can be the problem? At most people was PHP version problem, but i have 5.9 and this is ok, right?
  5. I have a attribute group "Size", it looks so: if i move elements to order then numbers for ordering are correct: Prestashop version: but the ordering is not saved, how can i fix this problem?
  6. Sorry but i'm newbe in prestashop, where can i add new hook in this module? Is this a part of code or backoffice?
  7. I created a new hook with name "DisplayMyMenu", i go to Modules->Positions->Transplant a module if i try to change hook for this module i get error message: This module cannot be transplanted to this hook. What have i to do to change it?
  8. I need a few classic words in my product.tpl and use this method: {l s='MyCustomWord'}, where can i insert translations for other languages?
  9. Ok. i understand, i can tell image name already in import of categories, and as told it's a custom script what i write because of complex data structure. Where i have to save this image name from category?
  10. Simple save existing category and works perfectly , many thanks. It's possible to import also images for category?
  11. Hi, 1. i have to import a complex data structure, so i write a custom import script, my question is, for fields `nleft`, `nright` i give as value 0, is there any function is shop or frontend functionality to run it and get here right values? 2. My categorys have also a image, who can i iimport it, i found image tables for products, but can't understand the way to add images for categorys? Thank you.
  12. Hi, we want to move from a other shop software to prestashop, my question is how heavy is to learn database structure and write script for product import? There is now possible to use default tools because the shop has custom xml datascture. To import are categories and products. Thank you.
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