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  1. Hi PS community, I have a problem on my prestashop install. Situation : Multistore installation with multiple languages. Default store being Fr, another being Uk, and others being Us. My first problem is that depending on which store I am : The text requested from database (ex. Title of product, etc) is OK The text from inline smarty template translation of module's templates is OK (ex. blockcart.tpl displays "Panier" instead of "Cart" when in french) The text from inline smarty template translation of theme's templates is wrong (ex : "data sheet" or "more info" headings from product.tpl do not display in French). I tried a lot of things, from logical to tactical to brutal parameters (remove ALL caching, disable all languages but French, etc.) for the past 8 hours. Cannot make it work. Has anyone an idea about my inline smarty template translations not working ONLY on theme's templates ? I have another problem (less important) : if my first visit is on the uk store before moving to the fr store, the fr store displays in uk. {$lang_iso} returns 'uk'. The language is stored in a cookie and it plays wierdly with the multistore install. I have found some nice info on this thread : https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/67908-default-language-not-always-the-same/ Long story short : it uses an apache .htaccess fix, but when I try it I get a 500. I played a bit with my Apache config (headers mod was already installed, etc.) but I feel more confortable with this second bug, I think I will find a solution (but if you have a word to say about this, my ears are wide open). Thanks a lot for reading !
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