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  1. Hi pascal! Than you for your response, but that describes how to override modules' core files, but the question I had was about overriding Prestashop's own core template (.tpl) files.
  2. I'm a learning addon developer. I have been trying to solve this for a long time, how do you properly override a core template file from a module? At the moment I'm overriding the entire file by copying the template file in the override folder from my module on installation: From: /modules/<module>/views/templates/admin/products/informations.tpl To: /override/controllers/admin/templates/products/informations.tpl Overriding the whole file just to add an input field seems pretty rough though. This works just fine, but I'm worried because if the user installs some other module that wants to use the same file and it corrupts or Prestashop's new version changes the file and it doesn't support the new version anymore. In every way that feels like a dirty solution to the problem. Is there a way to override just a part of the file and maybe directly from the module folder? Is there any better way to do this? How do you do this?
  3. Hi! I recently developed a module to this cause called PDF Picking List. You will find it in the addons! It creates a field for every product where you can specify a storage location and it generates a printable PDF file just like the delivery slip for every order which includes the quantity and storage location. If the product is out of stock or goes out of stock, it shows you the quantities to order-in from the supplier you have provided. I'm also eager to update and develop the product to more specify your needs.
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