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    I'm 16 years old boy and im developing websites and doing a lot of stuffs with computers.
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  1. Well next thing is that how could i get <li> elements load their id numbers like this <li id="category-id"></li> then it would be possible, i have been looking that option too but havent seen it, just trying to modify files.
  2. Well all i can say that this forum is so useless now, there's no one helping me out of this situation and now i have to try solve it by myself when i have tried everything, thanks for nothing
  3. So i was thinking how to add font awesome icons to my vertical menu(block categories). I tried to edit category-tree-branch.tpl file like this It still doesnt work and i need help with this, i have tried everything to add font-awesome icons to my menu without results. Here is my shop https://comphonix.fi/kauppa/ Edit: I use medialoader 1.1.0 module to load font-awesome files and yes i have checked that the files loads correctly.
  4. What CSS folder? I want to install font awesome css files for prestashop. Could you tell us the address to the css folder?
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