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  1. Hi Guys, I am running PS 1.6.17 with default-bootstrap theme. I find customers are having trouble seeing the control "next" and "previous" arrows for the Accessories Slider control as per attached image. Hoping someone can suggest how (and where) to modify this area to make the controls more noticeable. Having the controls outside of the image box would probably help.... Regards Roland
  2. I removed the line from the code and it still has the same error: For security reasons, you cannot connect to the back office until you have deleted the /install folder
  3. Hi, After a server crash a restore was performed and now, although the store is operational I cannot login to the backend. Prestashop advises that the install folder needs to be deleted. The install folder was deleted and still the same error message. Where does Prestashop check for the install folder? Looks like I need to turn the folder check off. Or is there another way to get out of this loop? Regards Roland
  4. Thanks Goyo, that helped - I can now access the Modules again.
  5. Have 1.6.013 and today when I went to go into the back office modules I get a white page with "is not a valid module name." Nothing has changed and I've checked the names of all the modules and the only strange one is: 308e5b5e6bd5cdecb31744f3e8299ec7 Now I did try and put an "_" in front to disable and even deleted it, so it doesn't seem like that is a problem. Cleared cache and rebuilt templates each time. The error does not identify the module that its suspects. Is there a way to turn off the module name checking? I can't see any problems with the front office. In file manager, everything has the same date/time so that's not helpful...... Some advice would be most appreciated Thanks
  6. Purchased this module from ADDONS a few days ago and just cannot get it working. My shipping works for other carriers. If I make AUSPOST the only carrier, then I end up with the usual Free Shipping when no other carriers are defined. Product management is off - so no wharehouse issues. Zones are set for Oceana/Australia, default weight is set for kg, product has valid weight and assigned to all customer groups. Shipping type is available for all customer groups. Shipping location postcode is set, weights and ranges are good, module says it's online. I've had one response from the developer a couple of days ago offering to help, but he never logged in to check, all I got was a comment that it is very difficult to set up ....!! I have uninstalled, reinstalled.... etc Has anyone managed to get this module working?
  7. Hi Gang, New install, have disabled SSL and running through a test order using 5 step process. Cannot get past the address Step 03. Have double checked all entries in the address fields but the Proceed to Checkout Button is not clickable. I have a valid courier and even a collect from store setup, so shipping shouldn't be hindering it. Any thoughts? Regards Roland
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