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  1. Not able to reset Id, Please help me I'm a newbie to this.
  2. Currently my site is on Maintenance mode, Please provide me your IP so I can give you access to it.
  3. Okay! But, Can you Help me through this? I want to remove that icon and put WhatsApp logo there so. Help Appreciated!
  4. Hello, I'm Trying to change the icon of phone in top bar but, I cannot figure out how to change it. Please Find Attached Image for your reference. Help Appreciated!
  5. Hello, I'm trying to change some layout of subcategories of top horizontal menu. Please find attached screenshot for more understanding on what I'm trying to explain.
  6. Hello, My cart moved out of the window. I tired to get it to the place by positions option in back end. Please Find attached Image for reference.
  7. Hey! I'm building a prestashop website based on mobiles. I want to add a field in registration form stating "Select your device" and a drop-down to it. How can I do this? Please Help me!
  8. I even tired adding this a.icon-google-plus:hover:before { color: red; } to global.css but no luck.
  9. Thanks dioniz. But, I want to keep different color of every icon, EG: Blue on Facebook (on hover), Red on Google Plus (on hover). Please help!
  10. Hello! How Can I change on-hover color of icons? Please find attached image for your reference.
  11. Hey! How can I decrease the footer height? I'm using Prestashop Please find attached snapshot for reference.
  12. Hey sandipchandela, I cannot find $("#header .cart_block").stop(true, true).slideUp(200); $('.cart_block_no_products:hidden').slideDown(450); $('.cart_block dl.products').remove(); anything related to this in blockcart.tpl :/
  13. Which file I've to edit in order to auto hide cart when it is empty?
  14. Done! It was my fault, I had downloaded the wrong file. Thanks
  15. Hey! Whenever I'm uploading newsletter module v1.4 on my prestashop running on, it just says The module was successfully downloaded. but nothing appears on the screen or back end. Please find attached snapshot. Please Help!
  16. Done! Go daddy's domain had some DNS changes which did it Thank you for your help!
  17. I tired that and it gives me this error http://www.mobelly.com/.errordocs/403.html (my website name is mobelly.com) and now it says This webpage is not available
  18. I had created the website on my localhost, now I've gone live with it. The issue I'm facing is when I'm typing yourshopname.com it opens the website and when I type www.yourshopname.com it shows This webpage is not available I've tired changing htaccess file also but no hope, I've also tired changing url in from Back-end in SEO and URL's option. Still no Hope. I'm running PrestaShop™ Please Help.
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