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  1. Ich habe nun doch noch eine Sicherungskopie gefunden, in der die Originaltabellen noch vorhanden sind. Leider bin ich mit phpmyAdmin nicht vertraut und bin Ihnen sehr dankbar, wenn Sie mir sagen können, wie ich die Tabellen aus der Sicherung in die zu reparierende Datenbank kopieren kann (Import in die bestehende Datenbank oder Export aus der Sicherung) und was man dabei beachten muss.
  2. Die Tabellen existieren tatsächlich nicht. In der Sicherung fehlen sie auch. Ich habe den Fehler wohl zu spät entdeckt, weil der Shop länger nicht aktiviert war.
  3. Beim Aufruf von "Kunden" im Backoffice von PS habe ich die Meldung "Falsche SQL-Abfrage Table '... .ps_guest' doesn't exist" bekommen. Vermutete Ursache: Ich hatte mit dem Modul PrestaShop Cleaner die Test-Kundendaten mit "Bestellungen und Kunden löschen" entfernt. Die guest-Tabelle habe ich mit Hilfe des Codes von Prestashop Legend Vekia wieder erstellt (post vom 24. Januar 2014). Nun bekomme ich die Meldung "Falsche SQL-Abfrage Table '... .ps_connections' doesn't exist. Hat jemand einen Code, um diese Tabelle und die Tabellen '.ps_connections_page' und '.ps_connections_source' zu erstellen? Vielen herzlichen Dank für eure Hilfe! Peter
  4. Hi Vinum I want to use paypal v3.11.1 with Prestashop Right at the beginning of the paypal standard module configuration it says "Your Country:" (in my case) "Deutschland". When I try to change this to "Switzerland" in the drop down menu, the program doesn't accept it. Consequently all Swiss data entered (e.g. postal code) are refused and the module gets stuck. I've spent days trying to find a solution to this problem and hope that you can help. Is it possiblet hat PayPal module only works properly with the Prestashop default bootstrap and not with Advanced Themes Configurator? I'm attaching some hardcopies to illustrate the problem. You should still have my data to log into my future shop www.alfredneuman.ch/Prestashop/administrator. If not, I'll send them again. Thank you very much, Peter
  5. Hi Vinum I want to 1-click upgrade from to and not loose the modifications to the default bootstrap I made with your excellent Advanced Theme Configurator. So I need to know if I should, in "Upgrade Options"/"Upgrade the Default Theme" select "Yes" or "No". If possible I would like to upgrade the default bootstrap as well as keep my modifications. Thanks very much! Best, Peter
  6. Hi, when I try to configure paypal module (3.11.6) in Prestashop ( it says (in my case in German) "Your Country: Germany". As I need to have Switzerland there, I follow the link "Change" and choose "Switzerland" in the drop down menu. But this is not accepted by the program. It still says "Your Country: Germany". I have switched "standard country according to browser language" to "no" in the localization settings, no effect. I would very much appreciate if someone can help me with this problem. Many thanks, Peter
  7. Hi Vinum I have just bought your Advanced Themes Configurator module and installed it. Thank you very much for creating this very useful tool. Most of it is self-explaining but maybe you do have a tutorial? For example it would be great help to know what exactly is beeing deleted when I press delete in the main menu or what breadcrums are. Best regards, Peter
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