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  1. I had this issue and updated Prestashop, works fine now.
  2. I have created sub-categories on my store, with images for the menu, but this also includes a really large 'cover image' when you click on the tab. The image is so big you have to scroll to find the products and therefore I want to remove the cover image but keep the thumbnails in the menu. I have tried various combinations in the category creation section of the BO but it seems to be an all or nothing option! I know there is probably an easy solution to this but I just can't find it. I don't want to have to go into coding as this really scares me (I'm likely to break something else!) Any suggestions? x
  3. It's in maintenance mode at the moment as i am still getting the products uploaded.
  4. Thanks Guys, just tried all 3 suggestions and still no luck!! To be honest Im not very tech minded but I'm learning along the way! I had set all of this up before and it worked fine so I can't understand why I am having this problem.
  5. I recently had to re-install my store as I had problems with backend access. Everything went fine apart from the product images! I can download them and they appear in the product list, but on the front of the store there is just a question mark where the image should be. There is probably an easy fix for this but I just can't find it. Can anyone suggest anything which doesn't involve coding as that scares the hell out of me!! TIA x
  6. I am a complete newbie when it comes to Prestashop (and most things technical) but I am having a problem with the Newsletter signup at the top of my site. The first thing is it is not together, the box for email and the ok button is on the left and the word Newsletter is on the right, could this be because of the size of my logo? I don't really want it where it is as I have a sign up box further down the page (which I will move to the top). I cannot find out how to remove this from the site, any help would be greatly appreciated. My site is http://lubalicious.co.uk (this is an adult site!!) Thanks in advance.
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