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  1. Cheers all! I'm about to perform a full migration of my store from a server to another. Old server is running PSv1.6.0.5 while new server uses latest v1.6.0.14 Since some problem arose with the database I will only move products/categories/customers/orders/etc but nothing about modules or site stat. I installed a new clean version of Prestashop in the destination server but I have a doubt: even if I keep my rewrite rules, my products IDs, categories IDs and so on... will the URLs in the new installation be the exact same as they are currently processed in the original server? This is very important to me as I have many sites linking my products and I don't want all those links to end with a 404! I know some tools exist to keep care of 301 rediricting and such, but for now I would just know if prestashop keeps URL coherent. Thank you all, have a nice day.
  2. Hello all, I need to migrate in PS to the new image file system from the legacy one. My only fear is that I get notified in the Information panel that I need to check write permissions for "img" and subfolders and a second notice about "modules" and subfolders, but I'm more concerned for the img folder and subfolders for now. As per PS documentation, those folders and subfolders are all 755 but files are mixed 644 or 777 (and some 777 ones are recently added files so I fear are written this way by PS). Which CHMOD do you suggest to avoi errors migrating from old to new image file system? Should I temporarly set "img" and its subfolders to 777? I want to back up the whole DB and image files before commencing operations, where are images using old file system lacated? Should I set those whole folders to 777 or 775 while I do this upgrade? Thanks all for the help you may give me understanding this.
  3. Wow thank you very much for this deep explanation, bellini13! I didn't expect to learn this much about Prestashop from a single reply, I'll treasure everything. Thank you again, have a nice day and a great week-end.
  4. Cheers all, I'm a PHP developer working on an existing PrestaShop site trying to deal with the override mechanism, I'm a PS newbie but I read the documentation. A big thank you to those who will read and reply to my following questions. The site (v1.6.x) uses a template where I'm asked to change small details such "move this 10px to the left" or "add a input field below this image". Most of these questions come from failed attempts to simple edit which didn't reflect in the public site (even after rebuilding PS cache). Q1: Most of the things I have to change come from the theme itself or some core page (one is in the main root, not even in the classes/controllers folders). I read several threads on this forum suggesting to clone the theme and "hard-code" changes on the cloned theme, but does the theme update itself as happens for modules and so I lose the changes every now and then? Q2: When overriding a class/controller/module, I assumed if I need to change things only in (example) the PHP file I do not need to prepare/upload eventual tpl/css/whatever that the original module/controller/etc had, right? I create only what I need to change right? Q3: overriding a php file basically asks me to extend the class that the original .php file constitutes, eg. a file called "randomclass.php" is considered the "randomClassCore" class and in my override file I'll set up my "randomClass" to extend said "randomClassCore" class, did I get this right? Q4: php files are overridden as classes extension, but what about .tpl and .css files? Should I just clone what is in the original file and edit/add/remove what I need? I did this for a .tpl within the template but it didn't work. One file I worked on was located in root\themes\theme_name\shopping-cart.tpl and I put the override in root\themes\theme_name\override\shopping-cart.tpl, rebuilt cache, and no change happened so I assume it's the wrong folder? Q5: about translations, when in the .tpl file I find things such "{l s='ok'}", there is a way for me to conveniently detect in the admin page which field is the one that provides that translation? (there are A LOT of lines!) A huge thank you to those that will invest their time explaining me or giving me hints about my problems/doubts, have a great day!
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