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  1. Greetings, I wanted to give out the solution if maybe other people would encounter migration issues. Because I moved from rather old config to brand new server setup (PHP version: 5.4.41-0; MySQL version: 5.5.43-0) there were actually many things that could go wrong 8-) Other info: I just changed DNS, so all references to domain name stayed the same - tip be patient with DNS :-D The main issue was the php module MCRYPT was not installed yet on my new server, so if you're moving to a new environment check your php configuration and make sure you have all modules installed! Also during moving the .htaccess file got lost during create/extract .tar.gz files Also changing the cookie.php file helped to fasten up issues cheers!
  2. Hi, I've migrated my prestashop to a newer server setup but it seems it's not working completely. in Internet Explorer I just got a 500, however in chrome the front works, the admin will just load the login form but it doesn't continue after inputting the login. It just seems to reload the login page without any given errors. In Firefox the front gives a 404, but the admin just gives me a blank page (assumingly a hidden 500) I've tried most solutions on http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11335073/prestashop-cant-login-in-admin Anyone has got a clue where to continue search? Kind regards, Dimitri
  3. Hi, You can also just change your category.tpl in your themes folder and tune some CSS to set things accordingly. Then just integrate your category picture in your category description as you can do so per language. Worked for me just fine since I needed quick solution above solid .. but .. it would be a nice feature in next version since the demand for multi-language category pictures is obviously there !! kind regards, Dimitri
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