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  1. Hello All, I have setup on my shop DNI (Spanish ID) as a required field; But for UK per example I don't need it to show (not required). If I turn off the "Do you need a tax identification number?"; And try to Update an existent address, when client clicks on SAVE it gets; If I create a NEW address with the option above turned off. The field is not shown in the form but I cannot submit it. It get's the following error; (The field dni is required.) But its requirement is disable for the country so it shouldn't give error. Any help solving this would be really appreciated. Thank you in advance. NOTE: The correct behaviour would be that when you turn off the option "Do you need a tax identification number?" it would automatically set the DNI field NOT to be required. But it's not the case. The field requirements are set globally for all countries. PrestaShop™
  2. After upgrading to the latest version of the PayPal module as it was requested. I started to have serious problems where none of my customers are able to finalize an order. They are getting "Error 500". Went to look at the server log and found the following.... Please HELP as I am loosing a lot of sales :-(
  3. Estoy teniendo este mismo problema en PS cuando intento traducir "modulos instalados". No tuve este problema cuando he traducido el "Front Office" He notado tambien que lo que no se está traduciendo son los modulos que no son por defecto de PS.
  4. Si quieres traducir una plantilla (Theme) destos premium. Usa el MagicTranlator aportado por un compañero del forum. Es un modulo estupendo y te ahorras horas de traducion manual! http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/386493-modulo-de-traducci%C3%B3n-magic-translator/
  5. Solo quiero decir una cosa. El módulo y la idea es simplemente brillante! Muchas gracias por aportar este modulo.
  6. Just go here; https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug Put you website url and click on "fetch new scrape information". It should force Facebook "fetch" the changes you've made in you site. ;-) Hope this helped, cheers.
  7. Hello everyone, On my shop I do not have defined carriers for North and South America but I do ship to these areas. What I would like is if a costumer is from these areas. Instead of "No carriers available for the address". A message like "Please consult us first for shipping and handling prices". How could I accomplish this? Thank you in advance.
  8. Para quien pueda interesar... La solucion está aqui... Solution -> https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/pull/2797/files
  9. Pero si yo quiero imagenes en la factura? Que hago? En algun momento eso me funcionaba.
  10. How can I insert a plceholder to place a product image thimbnail to the order confirmations / notifications?
  11. Hello all. I know this topic is a little old. But taking advantage of the topic. I would like to know how I could add in the email template the customer and I receive (notification) before the name of the product, it's picture? Thank you in advance
  12. I fixed! It was an issue with Fancybox. I had to copy fancybox css to the theme folder. now works fine. great free module. Suggestion for next version: Add capability of multiple popups throughout the site by minute. ;-)
  13. Ok. So the Theme was repaired by the Theme devs. The fancybox was installed on the theme. The popup now shows up but shrinks! Please check -> http://eu1.geekstorage.com/~carlallu/pstest/es/
  14. Hi. I just updated my last post with the info. ;-)
  15. Installed latest version on PS and POPUP never shows up! Tried cleaning cookies everytime same thing. :-( Any help please? http://eu1.geekstorage.com/~carlallu/pstest/es
  16. taking advantage of the topic. I would like to ask how could I add product image on on the email template? is it possible? how? thank you very much in advance.
  17. I have installed this module and it was working fine until I installed a Theme called Cepheus from (http://themeforest.net/item/-cepheu-responsive-prestashop-theme/7504880) and now it doesn't work anymore. Could any one give any clue why it would stop working? Thank in advance for any help. ;-)
  18. Hello everyone, I am running PS with TitanShop and some custom modules. In this theme I use "cshotdeals" and "cscountdown". cshotdeals shows a block on the left with deals and a countdown timer based on the time set for the product deal. The problem is the the block only shows the countdown if the Prestashop CACHE is OFF. Otherwise the countdown doesn't show up. Below please find the code for the countdown.tpl {addJsDefL name=cd_day}{l s='days' mod='cscountdown'}{/addJsDefL} {addJsDefL name=cd_hour}{l s='hours' mod='cscountdown'}{/addJsDefL} {addJsDefL name=cd_min}{l s='mins' mod='cscountdown'}{/addJsDefL} {addJsDefL name=cd_sec}{l s='secs' mod='cscountdown'}{/addJsDefL} {if $timeRemaining !== null && $timeRemaining >= 0} <div id="countdown_{$id_product}" class="timer"></div> <script> (function() { var seconds = {$timeRemaining}; function secondPassed(){ var hour = 24; var minutes = 60; var day = Math.round((seconds - (86400 / 2)) / 86400); var remainingSeconds = seconds % 60; if (seconds === 0) { clearInterval(countdownTimer); $('#countdown_{$id_product}').html('0:00:00:00'); } else{ var cd_html = ''; if ((seconds % 86400) !== 0) { hour = Math.round(((seconds % 86400) - 1800) / 3600); } if ((seconds % 3600) !== 0) { minutes = Math.round(((seconds % 3600) - 30) / 60); } cd_html +='<ul class="clock">'; if(day > 0) { cd_html += '<li><span class="days">'+day+'</span>'; cd_html += '<p class="timeRefDays">'+cd_day+'</p></li>'; } cd_html += '<li><ul class="clock-sub">'; cd_html += '<li><span class="hour">'+hour+'</span>'; cd_html += '<p class="timeRefhour">'+cd_hour+'</p></li>'; cd_html +='<li><span class="minutes">'+minutes+'</span>'; cd_html += '<p class="timeRefminutes">'+cd_min+'</p></li>'; cd_html += '<li><span class="remainingSeconds">'+remainingSeconds+'</span>'; cd_html += '<p class="timeRefseconds">'+cd_sec+'</p></li>'; cd_html += '</ul></li>'; cd_html += '</ul>'; $('#countdown_{$id_product}').html(cd_html); seconds--; } } var countdownTimer = setInterval(function(){ secondPassed(); }, 1000); })(jQuery); </script> {/if} Could anyone please help me figure out why this ishappening when PS CACHE is On? Thank you in advance for any clue. This is driving me nuts!
  19. I have version and this problem still has not been fixed! I was able to fix commenting the code; (Validate.php) /* if (preg_match('/<[\s]*script/ims', $html) || preg_match('/('.$events.')[\s]*=/ims', $html) || preg_match('/.*script\:/ims', $html)) return false; if (!$allow_iframe && preg_match('/<[\s]*(i?frame|form|input|embed|object)/ims', $html)) return false; */
  20. Hi unlimitedgrain, Thank you for you response. It seems like we are the only aliens here having this issue because nobody else said nothing. This is causing me to be really frustrated. I am stuck with thousands of english translations to be done. And worse of all is that they are already in english on the left. I still have hope to see a light in the end of the tunnel. And regarding the Import of localization pack. Yes I might have done that as well. How do I undo this? Thank you
  21. Setting up my prestashop with 3rd party TitanSHop theme. For some unknown reason. Back and front end menus, options and lots of other things are missing english "translations". Go figure! If I go to Modify translations and choose per example; I see... I find myself having to copy from left and paste into the empty red fields on the right to get back the english everywhere! There must be a better way or something because this is getting insane! There are too many translations left and it's NOT really translation since it's already in english on the left! This also is happening with core content and modules. Could anyone please help? Thank you all in advance.
  22. I've got the same issue here. I found myself absurdly having to translate from english to english thousands of stuff! I don't understand why! Any help please?
  23. Hello Everyone, I've been trying to find an answer to this googling around but I couldn't find anything. :-( When you setup Prestahop it binds itself to the Shop URL (or IP) you configured in Admin Panel. Since I am developing locally on a LAN and my LAN IP is dynamic. I would like to be able to remove this check from Prestashop thus allowing me to access it using any IP. Example; Shop URL is set to The PC ip changed to And I browse to Prestashop automatically redirects me to (set shop url). and if it´s set to in Shop URL I can't even browse to or localhost either. If I set it to I can't browse to my prestashop from my LAN. If I browse from a LAN PC to my prestashop using the LAN IP it will throw me back to and obviously the LAN PC looks for itself. I want to be able to access my local prestashop using; localhost and any LAN IP from any computer on my LAN. Thank you in advance to anyone that can help me on this. I haven't seen this request yet. And it probably it goes against security and all. But I would like to set this at least on my local dev environment. I hope I didn't make a mess trying to explain myself.
  24. Hello everyone and I hope I am posting this at the right place. I would like to be able to filter the modules in the Admin Panel (modules list) by "Free Only". I don't see this option and I would like to know if anyone have implemented or know how to implement this addon? In resume is... I don't want to see the modules with buy option like the one in the screeshot below... Thank you very much in adavance for any kind of help.
  25. Ola a todos. Sou meio novato no Prestashop e tenho umas duvidas. Estou configurando um prestashop com o tema TitanShop. Mas a confusão toda esta relacionada com os blocos (blocks) e os modulos. Estou na fase de posicionar os blocos com modulos nas paginas e estou tendo um pouco de dificuldade na hora de saber que blocos estão na pagina e a posição deles. Se coloco em modo "Live Edit" eu vejo por todos o lado um bloco oculto (do tema que estou usando) em varios lugares. Se pode tirar ele dessas posições? Detalhe: Os blocos na imagem acima sao ocultos. Estou tentando colocar um bloco nesta coluna da esquerda na pagina de categoria e nao estou conseguindo. Alguem aí pode me dar um brilho? Agradeço desde já qualquer ajuda. :-)
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