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  1. I am looking for a module or even if I can modify a module where a customer can choose a product then to proceed to the next page to choose their plans sort of like how cell phone carrier plans are here is an example https://www.sprint.com/shop/device/apple-iphone-7-128gb-product-red?INTNAV=TopPhones:AppleiPhone7&skuId=111000145&duration=18L&contractType=lease&lineId=8476198390 you choose the phone then color, storage size then you proceed to choose the plans they also have other items they sell that do not need this process. because i can modify the add to cart pop up block but that will modify it on every product on the website.
  2. https://addons.prestashop.com/en/price-management/21863-simulator-simulation-with-formula-economics-cost.html something like this module would work but it has sliders instead, I would like it to have a textbox where the customer can type in the numbers if there is any other way that we can show the customer how much they will be paying the upcoming month is what we are looking for
  3. Yes, it does. Now on the right side of the configurator, there is an empty space. I would like to add/hook a calculator on the right side. The right side will have the type of plans Standard, Pro, Enterprise. As you can see in the attachment that I photoshopped I would like the customer to type in the number of users for the plan. where is says software 1 that will be replaced with a dropdown to Standard, pro, enterprise the monthly charge is what we will charge the customer every month for the plan, but we do not want to charge the customer when they purchase the product. Due to our internal accounting software, we do not have the resources to integrate PrestaShop into our accounting software. So the part for the custom fields will show what plan they chose and it should show on the invoice. What we see on the invoice is what we will import to the accounting software
  4. https://insyncmicro.com/fortresssecure/499046-fortresssecure-soho-8tb-1-5-users.html This is the product I am currently working on and it is placeholder. All the content is copied from other sites for testing and placeholder purposes
  5. Well even though I have used PrestaShop for the past 3 years I am still a newbie, I have always found my answer just by going on the forums. Can you please help with the custom js?.
  6. Hi ndiaga, thank you for your response! I have bought the attribute wizard pro module it works perfect, but module changes the look and feel of the configurator, I would like it to match the theme. and for the custom fields and add js function... I do not know how to do that. I can add the custom fields to the back office product page (customize tab). but I don't know how to add a js function to it. I am sorry I didn't mention this, what I looking for is something like how a mobile phone website would have. You choose your mobile device and when you are on that specific mobile device page you can choose the color, capacity, and size regular or plus. then you would choose the carrier. the carrier part has different plans like talk, text, and data. But the carrier part does not get added to the cart and just shows how much you are going to be paying every month
  7. Hello! I am looking for a calculator that I can hook up on specific product pages. This calculator is not part of the cart. It is just a calculator that helps the customer choose the right product within their budget. For example, I have a PC that I sell, the customer goes to the product page and configures the product from the product attributes list: cpu, memory, hard drive capacity and a number of users. Now the calculator part, it is used for the number of users. For example, each user is $5 so if the customer types in 10 users the calculator calculate the monthly subscription: $5 a user, the number of users x10, monthly cost = $50 If there is no such module can I modify any to work like this?
  8. hello, im a newbie here on the forums. I have a module to import thousands of products and another module to add the images and specs. now the one module that adds the images and specs does not have all the images and specs for some items I was wondering how I can disable all those products without images in bulk. When I go on the products pages in B/O, on the menu it shows ID, Images, Name, Reference, etc. now on the Image tab there is no arrows to click on. Now I'm pretty sure there is a code that i can overwrite that will disable all the products in bulk without the images. any help will do, Thank you -Faithful PrestaShop user
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