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  1. The account registration email that the user receives after registration.
  2. Hi, I'm adapting my Prestashop as a private company store. It will be closely integrated with our in-house system. I would like to modify the php script to directly communicate the registration confirmation message to our user account API instead of sending an email. However I'm unable to locate the exact function that sends this email. Any help?
  3. Hi, I would like to determine if a feature has been set for the product via smarty. I used to do that like this: {foreach from=$features item=feature} {if $feature.name == 'is_credit'} SOMETHING {/if} {/foreach} But this time I need a if/else check to determine if a variable exists; not by going through them one by one. Like this: {if this feature is set} do that {else} do something else {/if} Is it supposed to be something like feature.isset? I'm talking about the product.tpl file. Help! Thanks.
  4. Hi, I would appreciate some help with this. I need to display different "Add to cart" button depending on the category the specific product's in. E.g. display a "Buy" button for certain product and an "Order" button for different ones. Is it achievable with a smarty {if} statement? Do I need to modify any php files? Please help. Thanks!
  5. Ewidentnie robię coś źle, bo nigdzie nie mogę znaleźć informacji o tym, który moduł odpowiada za tekst i ikony w tej ramce. Jak to zmienić? Z góry dziękuję za pomoc.
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