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  1. No, I just found out that it doesn't proceed to check out with downloadable products.
  2. Does anybody know why this doesn't work with downloadable products?? Basically when entering the customer's data in Billing/ shipping data, as soon as I press proceed the Step 1, 2 and 3 bars collapse and there is no way to checkout, that's it, no donut. Cart still shows the product but I can't check out. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. I suddenly have an error when using the express checkout. The phone field doesn't let me input any phone numbers or text without an error. I would like to disable it as a required field then this should help? Then people should be able to add text or not without a problem. Besides, most people get put off when they have to input their phone number. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Does nobody else have ths problem? Any help appreciated...
  5. Ok, this works to make the text white in the footer while leaving the other page links green. But now there is small grey vertical line at the beginning of the footer text. How do I get rid of that?
  6. Ok, solved, through trial and error. Basically i have 'disabled carrier' in the out of range behaviour for all my carriers and it seems to work now.
  7. I have 3 carriers according to Country/zone. two carriers are set at 0.150 to 1kg one carrier is free (for an emailed product) and with range set 0 to 0150kg (WIKI instructions are incorrect according to one other thread so it shouldn't be 0.149). I have one product which is emailed and the shipping option on checkout should show only the one 'email' shipping option (since nothing else can deliver this weight, their ranges are higher). But what happens is that it displays all the shipping options for the zone. Other products work fine in the higher weight range. I even tried to do it the other way round and put a 10kg weight for example but it makes no difference. Hope this is clear? Email Product 1 (weight: 0.1kg) - Shipping free by email (range 0 - 0.15kg) Physical Product 2 (weight: 0.15kg) - shipping locally/ shipping to europe (range 0.15kg - 1kg)
  8. It is not a https page, the page is below: http://www.mysite.com/modules/bankwire/payment.php I will try what you suggest anyway. This only happened since I installed the Paypal module. It was fine until then.
  9. Not so easy, otherwise it would have been done the first time I tried. This is the obvious choice and you would think it would work - and if you see my above thread I have tried these already. Like I said, the global style is controlling all these links and it makes no difference how or what I put in the footer links css, it doesn't change, it stays with the default. That's my problem.
  10. I sent you a PM with the site address. I did not want to put my site here on the forum since last time I did this I noticed in search engines they were directed to Prestashop forum rather than my site, which was a little annoying. But you can put the comments on what I should change in the forum at least. Basically all the links on the page are in default blue at the moment, but I want the footer link in white.
  11. The currency.png file I have next to the currency selection is visible on all pages and is in the correct directory but today, suddenly, while test running the site - the image disappears on the Order Summary page (bankwire payment). On IE8 it has the usual red cross and in Firefox just isn't visible. How can I correct this?
  12. Apologies, I am not the smartest when it comes to CSS, a few lines here and there are no problem. But what is the code that defines a new block?
  13. When a person selects gift wrapping it shows the gift wrapping twice, once in the running totals and then also underneath the Total showing with tax, without tax, total etc - how can i ensure it only shows the one in the running total? How can I remove this additional gift wrapping?
  14. Yes, got it working now, thanks. Only couple of tips I can give you which I found on another thread are: Check the error log in your cpanel. Ensure your folder permissions are set to 755. Hope it helps, it just helped me - I had an error also in that I could get through the payment but nothing processed and only error emails received. Check my posted thread here: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/77065/configuring___using_prestashop/solved_95_how_frustrating_is_setting_up_paypal_check_the_links_in_this_thread_for_assistance_dot_
  15. Basically after adding the Paypal basic module, the pdf Invoice now adds a full row of duplicated delivery, total, total ex.Vat, total inc.Vat. How the hell do i get rid of this? It's very messy and confusing for a client to recieve such an invoice. Normal bankwire sales are correct, it is only with Paypal. Perhaps there is something I need to 'turn off' or some fields in the pdf I can delete? **Update - I realise what it adds is the gift wrapping service. So basically it adds Gift wrapping, gift wrapping Ex.Vat, Gift Wrapping Inc.Vat and Gift wrapping total. So this one row is all about gift wrapping. This is already in the invoice, so why does it add it again?
  16. You can find all translations in the Back Office (Tools - Translations). This one is Modules or Front Office - can't remember. I have a problem that I have now added Paypal and now the pdf files made when paying through paypal duplicate the lines of text (VAT etc) which means the first line of the extra information is half off the page. Any idea how to correct this? Since adding paypal what it does is now add the gift wrapping amounts across the bottom (horizontally) even though gift wrapping is already in the summing up total - how can i remove it so it doesn't show it twice?
  17. I found a couple of threads that have been a big help, so for any other strugglers out there: http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/41845/#185090 http://www.prestashop.com/forums/viewthread/64314/general_discussion/solved__but_barely_ive_about_had_it_up_to_here It seems to be working fine now (in sandbox at least), but only problem is that I have the 'Custom Invoice Module' installed and now the first line (Account Name) gets shoved half way off the page.
  18. I have a problem setting up Paypal 1.6. I have followed the settings in the Module and also in WIKI. I have created a sandbox business account and purchaser account. But when I make a test run I get all the way to Paypal, it confirms the payment but then I receive the emails that there is a payment error. I checked this link: http://www.presto-changeo.com/content/10-fixing-paypal-problems and in the error logs (cpanel) there is no error. This link provides practical instructions but when I check this page below I get a blank screen (not a 500 error). The file is there, it exists and has 755 permission (I even tried it with 644 - but nothing works). http://www.mysite.com/modules/paypal/validation.php So what is the 'nut'? I've pretty much had enough of paypal - if this is how difficult it is to set up - what's the point? Anybody any further information?
  19. I can't help since I am setting it up myself. But perhaps you can share how you set up the sandbox - I have looked everywhere on this forum with no straight and direct information.
  20. I used firebug and I found the places that control the text but I cannot seem to make it so that this text is different from the others. if I change something - it all changes. The global style controls the text and is here in line 156: /* global style */ a { color: #80CB15; text-decoration: underline; outline: none } The footer and links are controlled from line 847: /* Footer */ #footer { border-top: 1px solid #d0d3d8; padding: 0.5em 0; clear: both; background: #80CB15; color: #ffffff; text-align: center } #footer .block_various_links { list-style: none } #footer .block_various_links li a { text-decoration: none } #footer .block_various_links li { text-align: center; display: inline; border-left: 1px solid #888; padding: 0 2px 0 4px } #footer .block_various_links li.first_item { border: none; padding-left: 0 }
  21. My page has a white background, all the links are coloured green(line 156 - which controls almost every text on my page apart from modules somehow), but my footer background is green - therefore I want to make the text on the footer white (footer block various links) - how can i do this without turning all links white? I just want the footer block various links white. This must be an easy one, no?
  22. If your products are essentially the same, with the same attributes you can duplicate the products (click the green circle with a cross on the right of the product list). Then all you have to do is delete the images and upload the new ones. The only problem is that if you have more than one image for a product and you want different attributes to be linked to a certain image then I believe you have to make them manually. But if your attributes are the same then this will work. But unfortunately I do not think there is a way to add, say one attribute to 20 products at a time.
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