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  1. There appears to be an issue with the PayPal USA/Canada module with Prestashop I just got my first sale since upgrading to, and when the sale went through it created a new message with the PayPal transaction details. This does not appear to be something customer generated, as it is only the PayPal transaction information, but shows as if the customer sent it.
  2. Nevermind. I found my host uses suPHP, so I had to create a local copy of php.ini and point to it. It is working now.
  3. I am totally perplexed by a timeout issue I am having. I have configured my php.ini file so that the max_execution_time is set at 10000 and memory limit is set at 2048M, so I should have no issue with timing out, but it still does. What really has me confused is when I look at the Configuration Information page, under Server Information it shows Max execution time 180 and Memory limit 256M. I have check and rechecked my server settings and cannot find anything that has these settings. It is as if Prestashop is totally ignoring my php.ini settings. Any ideas on how I can fix this?
  4. I have version and I am trying to change the sort order for the "New Arrivals" section which appears on the front page. I have found some answers for older versions, but they do not seem to work for version 1.6. I would like to change it so they sort by the date_upd instead or date_add, but I would settle for even having it sort by the latest product id as mine appears to be showing them in ascending order from the oldest to the newest. I am about to go nuts trying to fix this. Can someone please help me. One note, I did import these in, so there may be an import add date that is the same, which I am missing, other than the date_add in the product table.
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