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  1. Hi! In my conversion module I need to put in the correct variables to make my tracking code to work. Anyone know what variables to use and where to put them:)? Thank you for all possible help! <script> var _adv = _adv || []; _adv['reference'] = '%REFERENCE%'; _adv['amount'] = dataLayer.google_tag_params.ecomm_totalvalue; _adv['currency'] = '%CURRENCY%'; _adv['voucher'] = '%VOUCHER_CODE%'; (function() { var a7 = document.createElement('iframe'); a7.frameBorder = 0; a7.style.height = 0; a7.style.width = 0; a7.src = ('https:' == document.location.protocol ? 'https://' : 'http://') + 'tracking.adviralmedia.com/pixel/118/?r='+_adv['reference']+'&a='+_adv['amount']+'&c='+_adv['currency']+'&v='+_adv['voucher']; var s6 = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s6.parentNode.insertBefore(a7, s6); })(); </script> Andreas
  2. Hi! I got an error with the tracking to my website, when I have a tracking string added, the string is duplicated. See example below: https://www.stylingagenten.se/?test2=jajja2 converts to this url: https://stylingagenten.se/?test2=jajja2?test2=jajja2 This creates tracking errors. Do you guys know what can be wrong? Best Regards Andreas
  3. Hi, This was resolved. There was some error in the core code that made this error. I do not know what error, but that was the information I recieved, and they fixed it. BR Andreas
  4. Hi! As the topic describes, I have som problems logging in to Marketplace via admin in Prestashop version I have another store with the same theme, that do works to connect to Marketplace via addon. They are even installed on the same server, the "big" difference is that the other store has Prestashop version I guess this most be the problem then? I do not want to downgrade my version, but there must be some incompatible adjustments in version that I can adjust to make it work? Another difference between the websites is that I do use SSL on the site that is not working. I have tryed to disable that in admin, but it does not work anyway. Please help:)! Andreas
  5. Thank you Roband! It was that bug https://github.com/P...aShop/pull/5797 Cheers!
  6. Hi! Please help me with this. After I did upgrade to the latest Prestashop version, this happened to my website: When I create cart rules that is not limited to a specific customer, everyone can see the all that voucher codes in "My account" under "My vouchers". Can anyone help me, what can be wrong? All customers now see all the created vouchers that we use in different promotions and also our discount codes for the staff.. Best Regards Andreas
  7. Hi! In my categories there are categories that contain the letters "åäö". The URL does thou transform "Ö" to O, and "Ä & Å to A", this is not that good for my SEO, Today it is possible to use "åäö" in the URL:s, how is it possible to keep that letters in the URL in Prestashop? Appreciate for any help! BR Andreas
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