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  1. I think i have found the solution. https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/454947-upgraded-to-161-and-visitor-prices-dont-include-tax/page-2
  2. I houve found a relation on the differense of the prices. The prestashop is calculating the price with the discount not currectly. He is calculating the new price with dicount, from the value of the product without the tax, and disconting the value with taxes. Let it explain like this: the price of the product is 699€ with tax 23% The discount is 184€ with tax 23% the final price should be 515€ with tax 23% but the price presented to the client is 384.29€ 568.29€ (699€ -23% tax) - 184€ (discount with tax) = 384.29€ Can you help me please? Why is the client receiving this price?
  3. Hi everbody. We are having a big problem in our shop with the prices. For example, the price of one product is 515€, but at some clients the price that they see is 384.29€ We do not understand the reason for that changes. I have made several tests but we not find any reason for that. Is not the taxes, is not the IVA.!!! Has anybody as had similar problem?! This is very unpleasant for our clients and for us, because we do not have any explanation for this. Please give me your opinion and experience. Many thanks.
  4. Hi Nemo1 My version is On the help menu it says: A new tab appears on the left, titled "Pack". This tab only features two text fields and a button: Ok, so to control the quantities, is there any option to do it automatically? We want to create packs in order to increase the sales amount, what is your advice? We have more than 2000 products, do you have any sugestion to help to manage it more efficently? Many Thanks.
  5. Hi everybody. I am trying to integrate some packs in my shop with the wharehouse and stock management funcionality. First: Inside of the product, in the BO, i do not see anything on the Pack, A new tab appears on the left, titled "Pack",but it is empty Second: I was expecting that the quantity available for the pack it was the result of the products individually, but it is "0", and I need to determine in the stock managment the pack quantity. Or should i forget all this and buy a 249.99€ pack module to be easyer? Many thanks!
  6. Hi. Problem solved. The problem was on the selection of this option "Quero usar o sistema de Gestão de Inventário Avançada para este produto." Once i had removed, it worked just fine! many thanks
  7. I tried to create a new cliente, and with this new client it don't happen. only with the existing and registered clientes
  8. Yes i have tried another adress,. I have created to another transport, but the prestashop never assumes that. i have accepted all cowntrys and states, and nothing happens I don't know wath to do more.....
  9. Após finalizar a compra, e durante o check out aparece esta mensagem - Nenhuma transportadora disponível. Mas o problema é que tudo estava a funcionar corretamente e de repente apareceu este erro tanto em ordens de compra no front office, como no back office. O que me dizem?
  10. I have a problrm with my store. I didn't did anything, and now when we are finishing a order, i receive a message that there is not any transportation available for the adress. But it was working fine.... Thanks
  11. Hi, I have some problems with your module. I have made some test's at the begining and it was working. Now, i am not getting any message a nd i have tried with other phone and nothing. Even it says on the statis that was send sent. Please help. Many thanks.
  12. Olá. Estou a usar o tema base. Atualizei da versão 1,5 para a última. Obrigado.
  13. Fiz o upgrade à loja para a última versão mas agora não aparece no check out a opção para o cliente inserir o vale de desconto? Aceitam-se dicas para resolução do problema?
  14. Hi, I have done that. thanks. I realize now that the category option do not apear on the options, so i can not show the left colun on the categories too.
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