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  1. I know these are totally different cmses. It was just an example of design I liked.
  2. Problem is that it’s quite complicated to handle different amounts of discounts per user when we have 200 b2b clients. We would need to create like 5 different rules for each brand to handle 5-10% discount and put same client in different rule for each brand.
  3. Hi. I’m looking for a designer who could help me create new design of our shop ui. Website uses warehouse theme but we want to customize the ui to look more modern. I don’t know how to start. out website https://Homescreen.pl design I liked: https://dribbble.com/shots/14824390-E-commerce-Mobile-App https://dribbble.com/shots/14524477-Ecommerce-Shopify-Product-Page-Design
  4. Hi @Bob van der Valk did you find some module for it? The one provided by @joseantgv is not really convenient when we want to add different discount for different clients
  5. I’m using amazzing filters, not this. no errors wen adding or editing a product. It’s a clear presstashop bug.
  6. That’s not the solution… when we edit the features on 100 products they are removed from index and clients can’t find them until next reindexation, which usually we do at night.
  7. What you mean? Im rebuildung index while in all shops
  8. Hi. We have multistore Prestashop but the issue was also present in When we edit product for example its features and save it it is removed from search index on one of the store versions. Its annoying because search index shows all products as indexes while its not. Rebuilding whole index helps, but we have 12k products, so... I found some closed issues on GitHub but without any fix. Please help. We can pay for it of course. Video shows what happens. 51618988_Nagraniezekranu2021-08-4o21_31_05.mov
  9. Well, we don't have minimum quantity set, but the problem is almost unreplicable... It appears in random situations, when adding to cart. Cleaning cookies for our website helps. Incognito mode too. Relogin helps for one order only... Recently we checked carts and orders ids and it seems fine. We have no clue how to find the bug.
  10. Hi. Did you managed to fix the problem?
  11. Hello. did you find a fix for that? I have same issue with and I can't even reproduce the issue, but my clients are sometimes writing about it. we are using warehouse theme. https://homescreen.pl Any advice appreciated.
  12. Im looking for a module that would allow us to set additional discount on each brand on each b2b clients account. Right now we have specific prices set on the products, but we have some customers that make big turnovers and who have some additional discounts. We would like to be able to edit each clients discount. We are now using this module: https://addons.prestashop.com/pl/promocje-prezenty/7422-price-increment-reduction-by-group-category-and-more.html#specifications but its a big complicated to edit different client rules. We would like it to be like this: Client #1: - manufacturer #1 additional discount - 5% -manufacturer #2 additional discount - 3% Client #2: - manufacturer #1 additional discount - 3% -manufacturer #2 additional discount - 4% etc... I know other systems allow it but we couldn't find any other prestashop solution for this while we already use specific prices
  13. Hello everyone. I've found we have some old broken images in some of product descriptions. Doing it one-by-one will take ages. Do you have some method to remove them from the product descriptions all at once? Or just those broken ones (if possible)? Thanks in advance
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