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  1. After 2 days of searching I found the solution : https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/commit/9fe656a36cb868c391b7514bc337298015ee75dd I solved the issue. Thank you.
  2. Date filter doesn't work in oredrlist page in Admin panel in prestashop. I don't get any solution. If anybody have any idea about it how to solve it, please give me.
  3. Thank for reply. But I got it solution from https://github.com/PrestaShop/PrestaShop/commit/006dcbee13a492d0cad566dc9ea634e100fc8b00 I applied this code. So it is work properly. Thanks.
  4. Export button doesn't work in orderlist page in prestahop admin panel. If I click on Export button in order list page , it is showing error "File not found. Can't find the file at .../admin/index.php?controller=AdminOrders&exportorder&token=df6b156ad53b8822f64fe5673cbd4b68. How it is solved it ?
  5. My search module is not working properly. If suppose search "harddrive" is display result not same as "hard drive" with space. It is displaying different result. Both(harddrive or hard drive) are same word . So, it is require to display same result. Can you please help? How to solve it?
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