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  1. Hi, I'm using Prestashop 1.6 and integrated google analytic via google tag manager. Since this January 2017 GA won't track my e-commerce conversion rate, it shows 0% conversion while other things such as traffic still showing. can you help with this issue? maybe there are any update that I missed or something? Thank you
  2. Does anyone know how to call function in FrontController into php file? in .tpl it would be something like this {FrontController::getThatFunction(10)}, how about in .php? Thank you
  3. Awesome, that's what I want. Thank you sir. I mark this thread as solved.
  4. Can you please tell me how to do it? what code to put? Thank you
  5. Hi All.. I allow order on out of stock product on my website, the problem is it's hard to refund customer who used Credit Card payment (the process), so I want to hide this credit card payment method if product stock is zero. Any idea? Thank you
  6. Yes, I'm aware that so I asked my hosting provider to changed that, and btw I'm using a business hosting not shared one. I need 10k cart rules for an event with my sponsor, they need 10k vouchers with unique ID each of them. so there's no way to fix this except remove the vouchers?
  7. I've already set memory limit to -1 but it's no help, so I revert back to 1024M. I wonder why prestashop must process cart_rules query (voucher) when adding to cart, it supposes to be on checkout page right?
  8. Hi, thanks for your advice, I just changed my memory_limit to -1 but it still takes approx. 30s to show up the ajax cart.
  9. Bump this topic. I finally found what causing this issue, it caused by vouchers lot of it. I created around 10k vouchers (not stacked but unique ID for each voucher) that caused a long page load sometimes operation timeout error showed up when clicking Add to cart button, when I erased all the vouchers my website returns to normal. So is there any way to tweak this thing? I really need these vouchers but I don't want it to caused such a heavy load on my site. Thanks
  10. done, here's what it shows after I click "add to cart": "Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 1073741824 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 72 bytes) in /home/klik/public_html/tools/profiling/Db.php on line 110" it's on checkout page
  11. Hi, I'm using Prestashop, it's been two days my website suddenly experienced lot of timeout error especially after clicking "Add to cart" it takes more than 20 seconds to show Ajax cart pop up. my hosting provider said that there were so many queries for a shopping cart request and also the POST request after clicking the "Add to Cart" is not returned immediately. here are what I've done: - Optimized database (clearing abandoned cart, connection information, guest) - turned off Ajax cart - disabled google analytic module - disabled statistic on Cpanel - changing cache folder and its sub folders permissions to 777 - disabled my custom checkout page - cleared cache (Prestashop & browser) - turning on debug mode but I didn't see anything - restarted web service (Apache & SQL) so any idea what might causing it? any help much appreciated. Thank you
  12. Hi. need help here I created a voucher with conditions the products are matching one of these categories except: - Laptop Promo - Desktop Promo I selected all categories except the Promo categories in (price rules - conditions), so the voucher can't be applied to promo products, but when I applied the voucher in the front end the voucher still valid to all products include the promo one. I notice that in the category list in (price rules - conditions) there are categories like brand, processor, screen size (specifications), since Laptop promo having that kind of specifications too I guess that what makes the voucher still works for promo categories (I didn't exclude product specifications from conditions). the question is how can I make that voucher available to all but promo categories? Thank you
  13. Hi. I'm using prestashop, Product price in some categories became 0 after I updated price/stock/exchange rate via Store Manager. any idea what's wrong with this? Thank you
  14. Hi. My blocklayered seems not to get along with sort by function, I notice a significant change in the url after I apply the sort by with filter active here's the sample: Starting url: mysite/509-laptop-gaming filter applied: mysite/509-laptop-gaming#/brand-asus (the filter works perfectly) sort by applied: mysite/509-laptop-gaming?orderby=price&orderway=asc&orderway=asc you can notice that the blocklayered filter value disappeared in the url after I sorted the product, so it returns all laptop brands with sorted price. But if I do it in reverse Starting url: mysite/509-laptop-gaming sort by applied: mysite/509-laptop-gaming?orderby=price&orderway=asc&orderway=asc filter applied: mysite/509-laptop-gaming?orderby=price&orderway=asc&orderway=asc#/brand-asus it works all fine. any idea how to fix this issue? thank you
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