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  1. I created a video tutorial that should solve your issue. Click here for the tutorial: Add a YouTube Video to Your PrestaShop Store’s Product Page.
  2. Added a new tutorial called Add a YouTube Video to Your PrestaShop Store’s Product Page.
  3. Added a new tutorial called 12 Tips to Optimize Your php.ini File for PrestaShop.
  4. I wasn't originally aware that php.ini should actually be in two locations. I say "should" because it may, or may not be in those two locations. If it is not in the two following locations, you'll need to place a copy of it where it is missing. It should be in the root domain of your store and it should also be in your admin folder. If you are only changing the php.ini file that resides in your root domain, you may not be making all the changes you need to make. You need to make changes to both files. The php.ini file is also supposed to reside in the install folder, but since that gets deleted after installing PrestaShop, it's not worth talking about. Here's a great tutorial on how to modify your php.ini file(s): http://www.prestatraining.com/4eix Hope that helps.
  5. I recently installed PrestaShop version to check out the release candidate. I found that a couple of the Modules subtabs are having issues. Attached image-1-module-tab.png shows what happens when I click on the "Modules" subtab (Modules>>Modules). A blank screen appears and there is no further action that can be taken. Attached image-2-module-theme.png shows that the "Modules & Themes Catalog" subtab (Modules>>Modules & Themes Catalog) seems to be working. Please verify. Attached image-3-positions.png shows that the "Positions" subtab (Modules>>Positions) seems to be working. Please verify. Attached image-4-payment.png shows that the "Payment" subtab (Modules>>Payment) is not working correctly. Just like the "Modules" subtab, I get a blank screen. I've submitted the above information on the bug tracker already, but was wondering if anyone else was having this issue? Here the link to the issue in the bug tracker: http://forge.prestas...owse/PSCFV-3048
  6. It’s been a long time coming, but I’ve finally completed a comprehensive PrestaShop Resource Guide that covers the tools that I use with PrestaShop. The Guide came in at almost 3,500 words, is 13 pages, and includes over 75 resources to help you take your PrestaShop store to the next level. Here’s some of the great PrestaShop-specific information and recommendations you’ll find in the PrestaShop Resource Guide: Where to register your domain name(s) My favorite web hosts (shared hosting) Some of the best theme developers Awesome module developers Store management tools In addition, I let you in on many other tools that I uses that will help you with the following: Keyword research tools to help you improve your store’s SEO – You’ll learn about tools to help you find the best keywords to get you ranked in Google. Blogging tools that allow you to easily add content to your store that search engines love – If you don’t have a blog associated with your store, you’re missing a great opportunity to rank in Google. Google loves lots of high quality relevant content and a blog is an excellent place to create that content. E-mail subscription software (autoresponders) and training to use them properly Valuable training courses and websites – Learning how to use PrestaShop is just part of your training. Here I provide a number of resources on learning HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Adobe Photoshop, etc. Outsourcing resources – Need a logo or someone to help you develop custom code or a custom theme? The Guide will give you several resources to help you with those needs. Recommended reading – I wish I had known about these resources when I started! Other PrestaShop related websites and resources – This is a list of other great PrestaShop-related resources that I’ve found over the last couple of years. You can access the web version at our PrestaShop Resource page. You can also click here to download a very classy PDF version of the Guide.
  7. This might also be of help. I create a video showing how to center a logo on the home page. It covers the CSS required for that as well as a few other tricks related to the block modules. You can check out the video here: Center a Logo on the Home Page of Your PrestaShop Store. Hope that helps.
  8. I noticed the question comes up a lot so I created a video to demonstrate how to center a logo or banner on the home page. Here's the tutorial: Center a Logo on the Home Page of Your PrestaShop Store. Let me know how that works for you.
  9. Hi shoppers_delight, You used the word "banner" but I'm assuming you meant the logo in the upper left of the home page. I created a video tutorial on how to center the logo on the home page. You can view it here: Center a logo on your PrestaShop Store's Home Page. Hope that helps.
  10. I created a video to demonstrate how to center the logo on the home page of your PrestaShop store. Here's the link to the tutorial: Center the a logo on the home page of your PrestaShop Store.
  11. Added a new tutorial called Center a Logo on the Home Page of Your PrestaShop Store.
  12. bazcb, I created a video tutorial that shows how to center a logo on the home page of your prestashop store. You can find the tutorial here: Center a Logo on the Home Page of Your PrestaShop Store. Let me know if that helps.
  13. vic9128, I just finished a tutorial that shows how to center a logo on your PrestaShop store's home page. I know that's not exactly what you are doing because you are trying to center the image in your Home Text Editor. However, the lessons are transferable if you have some HTML and CSS knowledge. Here's the tutorial: Center a Logo on the Home Page of Your PrestaShop Store I hope that helps!
  14. saynerzn, Most likely you haven't set up your mail alerts module yet, as tdr170 mentioned above. You can check out a video tutorial on how to set up the mail alerts module here: Understanding the PrestaShop Mail Alerts Module. Hope that helps.
  15. Added a new video tutorial called Create a Copy of the Default PrestaShop Template.
  16. ShanM, Do you know how to use Firebug (Mozilla Firefox plugin)? In addition to Firebug, there are other web development tools that will allow you to zero in on the location of the CSS for whatever your want to work on. Here's a really good tutorial on how to use Firebug: By the way, I don't think this is any simple task as PrestaShop is using a background image for the display of the accessories. You would need to delete that background image and create a new one, or delete it altogether and use divs to create your new container structure.
  17. 3rtt, I'm not sure why you are having this issue. I don't use downloadable products, but I set one up to see what would happen. For your reference, I'm using PrestaShop v1.4.3. First, I only have one carrier enabled and it is a flat rate carrier. That means that any physical product that would ship out would be charged one flat fee for delivery within my set delivery zone. I modified an exiting product by checking the "Downloadable Product" check box in the Product Info page and filled out the rest of the info such as max downloads and number of days the product could be downloaded. I then went to the front office and went through the checkout process. Even though my flat rate shipper was the only shipping option, I was not asked to select a shipping option. The process just skipped right over the Shipping stage, which is what it should have done since it is a downloadable product. When I tested that process again with a physical product, I did get the shipping option to come up, which was correct for that scenario. So, I'm not sure what this issue could be. You should probably check your downloadable product settings again. I suppose you could also try disabling your carriers if all you offer are downloadable products.
  18. Just edit your post. You can edit your title then and type in [sOLVED] prior to the rest of the title.
  19. phrasespot, You make excellent points. It is very difficult to help fellow members when limited information is provided.
  20. Your issue has me curious, now. I did a Google search on "prestashop cart popup" and one of the results was this website: http://boutique.hdclic.com/en/modules-prestashop/2-pop-up-prestashop-prestaboost.html. The module developer has created a more generic popup, not specifically meant for the cart application you are looking for. However, I wonder if this might be adapted to the cart? I'm not a coder, so I'm at a loss to know if that would be a lot of work. I'm going to e-mail the developer of the module and see what he says.
  21. Handcraft, The correct ranges would be: 0 kg to 2 kg 2 kg to 4 kg PrestaShop is smart enough to not overlap the ranges when you set them up this way. If you set if up the other way, you will have problems.
  22. planb, Have you thought about e-mail the module developer to see if they are going to come out with a newer version of the module to work with the newest version of PrestaShop? Maybe the interest will encourage them to do so.
  23. nob2b, I'm not really sure what the issue is, but it may have something to do with the quantity of your product that you have in stock versus the "Minimum Quantity" you set up in your product. What is the current quantity level of your product? What is the current "Minimum Quantity" you have set? Do you have it set up with combinations? What version of PrestaShop are you using?
  24. Hi Jiri, I think I see what you mean. If I understand you correctly, you would have to set up the following weight ranges (in accordance with my example above): 0lb to 1lb where shipping = $7.00 1lb to 2lb where shipping = $8.00 2lb to 3lb where shipping = $9.00 3lb to 4lb where shipping = $10.00 5lb to 999,999lb where shipping = 0$ I would also have to be sure each and every product in my store had a weight of 1lb, no more, no less. If this isn't what you meant, let me know. Otherwise, thanks for the help, this is what I was looking for.
  25. Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to configure PrestaShop such that you would determine your shipping costs based on the quantity of items in your cart. Here's an example of what I would like to do: Shipping for the first item = $7.00 Shipping for each additional item up to 5 items = $1.00 Shipping if there are 5 items added to the cart = Free Is this possible either with settings, code modifications, or some module?
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