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  1. Hi i did above steps it is okay when i display left column but when i am trying to hook same category product on right column i am getting error that module cannot be transplant in this hook. Same Category product dispalyRightColumn Error - This module cannot be transplanted to this hook. Help Please.
  2. Hi I tried above solution in link Preferences --> Themes --> Add Theme --> Create a new template --> Fill the fields -- Select 'Use this theme as model' (default-bootstrap) --> Save. but there is no option to select "Use this theme as model" what should i do now ?
  3. I want to display related product or same category product on right column of product page, i tried hooking same category product in DispalyRightProduct but getting error that module cannot be transplant, is there any way to do this ? Help please i am new. Thank you
  4. I have such type of problem, i added imaged to the footer using HTML Box Module it is working on all other pages like homepage, product page but when i open a category page i get the same question mark. Please help how to fix these question mark on all category pages ? Thanks sandeep
  5. Hi I installed module for showing same category product at product details page, but is is showing in footer, i want to show same category product at the right side of product info because there is empty space, and on footer i enabled cross selling products. Please tell me how can i do that - same category product on right of product info. Thank You Sandeep
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