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  1. I am worried about the second recommendation. I tried to change it before under that section and it caused some kind of glitch and I had to uninstall and reinstall the cart.
  2. Regarding your first recommendation, is this where the en.php file is supposed to be under? /prestashop/modules/blockcategories/translations The only file I see there is index.php. Could en.php be located elsewhere? By the way, I am using
  3. Thanks but I can't find en.php under the translations folder.
  4. Thanks for your swift reply! I tried that but nothing happened. The word "Categories" is still showing. I cleared the cache as well. Is there anything else that I should have done afterwards?
  5. Hello, I would like to change the name "Categories" to "Menu" in Prestashop 1.6. After reading some postings I went to modules-->blockcategories-->blockcategories.tpl but was wondering which exact wording will need to be changed? Thank you!
  6. Now the "Top Horizontal Menu" module is suddenly missing from the module list.
  7. Thanks! I appreciate it. Does anyone else have a solution to this as well as my original posting?
  8. Would the blockcategories be located under the modules section? Can't seem to find the reset either.
  9. Is there a way to reset the blockcategories to the default setting?
  10. Correction: the only modules that have their name appearing with an icon next to them are the following: - Customer referral program - v1.6 - Payment by check - v2.5 Everything else has the envelop icon with the names missing.
  11. Thanks for responding. When I go to Modules--> Positions the names of all the modules are missing. Instead of the names, they all have an Envelop Icon (w/ right arrow) -v1.7 next to them.
  12. Hello, I wanted to change the word "Categories" to "Menu" so after reading some posts I went to translations (installed modules) and under Module: blockcategories I added the word "Menu" as follows: default-bootstrap - blockcategories_footer Categories = Menu default-bootstrap - blockcategories Categories block = Menu Categories = Menu However, after doing so, the Top & Bottom layout changed. Now the Contact Us & Sign In links at the top are missing; and some items are missing from the bottom footer (the word "Categories"; © 2014 Ecommerce software by PrestaShop™; the word "Newsletter" in front of the Box to enter email, etc..). So I went back and undid the changes by deleting the word "Menu" and saved it but nothing has changed. The items are still missing. How can I undo what I did? Thanks.
  13. Hello, How can I change the folder name where images are stored under prestashop/img/? FROM: http://mydomain.com/prestashop/img/XYZname TO: http://mydomain.com/prestashop/img/ABCname Thanks.
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