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  1. Hi thanks you for respond, I have cPanel and in file manager serched everywhere but cant find this text. i did a serch in almost all ccs files with no result. can you be a littel more clear where i have to search, I am new to this and need step by step to find the place it is. thanks
  2. Hi few years ago I asked a friend to add for me a text on product page which I dont need any more but cant find how to delete it. is there any one who can help, here is a link to my page and what I like to delete is what is written on top of the price n each page " Prezzo comprensivo di IVA 22% Spedizione e Reso Gratuito https://www.tambr.shop/it/kilim-e-stuoie-/1234-tappeto-kilim-janira-red.html thanks
  3. Yes exacly I like to hide auction category to show in new product block thanks
  4. Hello I dont have any issue with prestashop, I only need to hide a category to show in new items block module. I have a category called auctions and I dont need them to show in new items. here is the link to my shop www.tambr.net thanks you so much for the help nezam
  5. is this possible to hide a category to show in new product Block? thanks
  6. Desperate need Answer to this question, can some one help please?
  7. is it possible to add telegram to social sharing? thanks
  8. Hi Any one have solution ti hide category from new items block in 1.6.1? the code shown here does not work for me. thanks
  9. Need help to hide a caterory shown on new items block, i found a discusion how to do it for 1.5 version but it does not work on 1.6.1 thanks
  10. hello I don't know why or how but in product page the "add to cart" bottom and product attributes has moved from the right hand side to the bottom of the page, I have tried every possible option to move it back to the right column with no luck. can someone please help me to solve this problem. thanks
  11. hi if i don't assign attributes then I will lose what appears in layered navigation block which I don't want to. is there a way by modifying css file? if yes anyone knows where in the css I have to modify? thanks
  12. hi the title says it all. can you please help me to remove the navigation filter which is in right column in the product page? see attack image thanks in advance
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