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  1. Hi Guys, How do i change this black border's color, can't find it in css. Any help is really appreciated!
  2. It finally works now thanks alot khairulaizat92 and everyone else ofcourse!
  3. Hallo Erik, Bedankt voor je reactie, ik had namelijk al een afbeelding veranderd toen gebeurde er niks. Was zo stom geweest om natuurlijk de rest van de afbeeldingen niet te veranderen. De slider is nu full width 1170px. Dus over de volledige breedte gemaakt. Weet jij toevallig hoe ik de plaatjes die er naast stonden (die ik nu tijdelijk heb verwijderd) er onder krijg? Dus ik wil iets van 3 of 4 blokken hebben, dit is dus de bedoeling:
  4. Hallo, Kan iemand mij vertellen hoe ik de hoogte van de slider op de voorpagina verander?
  5. It gets even weirder. When i press my store in backoffice, it goes normal again. But when i access the URL directly the footer is acting strange.. No problems: http://www.telecover.nl/?live_configurator_token=40d49a4b2341687916d95066fc9614d8&id_employee=1&id_shop=1&theme_font=font1 Problems: http://www.telecover.nl ???
  6. Hi Fred, Thank you, that fixes the alignment but that's not what i need. The copyright i think is what causing it to act weird. I think it's better to reset the orginal files of my footer, but i dont know what files i need to replace. See the screenshot what i mean.
  7. I was trying to change the copyright (blockcms.tpl) in the footer from prestashop's default boot strap. As you can see in this topic: https://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/403742-howto-change-the-%C2%A9-2014-ecommerce-software-by-prestashop%E2%84%A2/ Now the footer is acting weird and jumping arround. I already uploaded the orginal blockcms.tpl back to my server. But no luck still the same www.telecover.nl
  8. Hello Paul, Thanks so much for helping me out here. I didn't know there where two cms blocks, whoops i think i accidently uploaded it to the wrong cms block. Now the footer is totally messed up. I still have a back-up of both the orginal cms blocks, should i upload it?
  9. @Paul I've already tried this, it doesn't work for me. Yes, i use one language the Dutch language. I used the translate option to remove Ecommerce software by. But i can't change anything trough the code you mentioned.
  10. Hi Soufiane, Sorry for my late answer but thank you for the clear explanation. But if i create a new theme, wouldn't this effect my current theme? Because i already made a lot of changes to the default boot strap lay-out. I don't want to lose any changes that i have made.
  11. Hi Paul, Thank you couldn't asked for a better answer, It worked perfectly! But could you answer my second question? 2) Do all off these changes that i make in the default boot strap, stay intact after i update prestashop?
  12. Hi Helldog, Thank you for answering! Because the Prestashop documentation sad something different with all the extra options. It seemed some what confusing to me, normally i always export in the 'simple' mode like you sad. Dutch: Weet je zeker dat je dan niet bepaalde opties mist als je alles weer terug gaat importeren, aangezien het wel in de documentatie staat beschreven van prestashop? Hoe is de back-up tool van prestashop zelf, is die te vertrouwen enig ervaring toevallig? Bedankt!
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