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  1. When I am trying to view invoice I get the following error. Fatal error: Uncaught --> Smarty: Missing template name <-- thrown in /home/simosviolaris/public_html/tools/smarty/sysplugins/smarty_internal_template.php on line 679 The only thing I know that changed recently is that the server was upgraded. I am using Prestashop and the server supports PHP version 7.1. I did a lot of research and I see that many people had the same issue but didn't manage to find a solution.
  2. Hi, I am using Prestashop 1.6 since March and the last few days I get this error (see attachment). Any ideas what is this or what it might caused it?
  3. I tried to do this with the weights and I have a question. Let;s assume I create a carrier and I set for example the weight > 100kg. If I assign this carrier to all of my products, it will be displayed just for the products (or total of them) which have weight >100? Or it will be displayed anyway? Because this was what I tried to do. I assigned it to all of my products but I set weight >100, and i set the weight <100 for the products I did not want to display. But it is displayed anyway. What is going wrong?
  4. Thanks for the reply. I already set the carriers I created according to total price, because the shipping costs for those carriers depend on price. So, I think I can't do what you suggested. Any other ideas?
  5. Hi, I am using prestashop 1.6. I configured some shipping carriers which are used by specific products. For example for the "small products" I use one carrier, and for the "big ones" I use another carrier. But I want, if a customer adds to cart a small product and a big product, the available carrier will be the one for the big products only. Now it doesn't display any carrier options because the two products have no carrier in common. Any ideas on how to achieve this?
  6. Hi, I am trying to customize the top horizontal menu in mobile. What I want is to remove the word Categories and put a symbol. But I want to reduce the width of <div id="block_top_menu" class="sf-contener clearfix col-lg-12"> because I do not want it to be 100%. But when I reduce its width, the whole div with the menu that is being expanded is reduced. Is there any way to put it in a separate div and when I click it, the menu will expand in 100% width div? I tried many ways but I did not manage anything.
  7. I have this issue too. I found another post, stating the same issue but no replies. Anything new here?Did you find a solution?
  8. I have this issue too, and I am interested in a possible solution..anyone?
  9. Hi, I know this is an old topic but I have this issue and I couldn't solve it. I followed the steps are summarizing by avionicom but nothing changed. Any ideas? Somebody who fixed that issue?
  10. Hi, I installed layered navigation block and I modified it so it is displayed horizontally in the centre of the page above the product list. It worked great when I made the changes. Then I added new products (around 90) and when I tried to filter using the layered navigation block it's not working. It does not filter, it does nothing. Also I noticed that I can't combine price filtering with other features filtering. I have read a lot of topics related to layered navigation block problems but I did not find a solution. Does anybody know what I have to do? Thanks
  11. Hi, I made some changes to layered navigation block, but then I wanted to reset back to the module as it was when I installed prestashop. I reseted the module but nothing happened. I also uninstalled and installed again the module but nothing changed in the module files and code. The only thing happened is that the module disappeared from the site. I can see that is hooked in 2 positions but it is not showing in the site. Any ideas?
  12. Ok, I finally found it but I would like to ask you about that, because it's strange. I noticed that when I made changes in category.tpl nothing happened. I just added a div tag and I looked for that in the site page source but didn't find it. So I decided to search in the whole site code for a div that the category.tpl contained and in the results, except of the category.tpl, there was also another one file with a strange name (many letters and numbers), which was in a folder with path /cache/smarty/ and then many folders with names like 9d/2a/3f/...whatever.. So I tried to changed that file and then I saw the changes in the site. I did what I wanted, but I would like to ask if this is the right way and also what are all these files and folders? I think it makes more sense to change the catgeory.tpl file but when I did it nothing happened. Did I make something wrong?
  13. Ok, I tried to do what is described in your link but nothing changed. What I did is: In the category.tpl I placed this {hook h='categoryTop'} in the line I want the new position. Then, I opened the blocklayered.php (beacause this is the module I want to move) and put the following public function hookCategoryTop($params) { return 'hi there!'; } And then I added $this->registerHook('categoryTop') in the install function: if (parent::install() == false || $this->registerHook('categoryTop') || $this->registerHook('leftColumn') == false || $this->registerHook('beforeFooter') == false || $this->registerHook('header') == false) return false; Then I reset the module and I tried to transplant the layered navigation block into the categoryTop but I got the message "this module is already transplanted to this hook". But I can't see anything in the site. I should see the 'hi there' message, right?
  14. I found this http://blog.premium-templates.eu/creating-custom-hooks-in-prestashop-1-5-1-6-the-easy-way and followed the steps. When I try to transplant the module, I can see the new hook in the drop down list but I get the error: This module can not be transplanted to this hook.
  15. Hi, I would like to move the layered navigation block in the center and modify it so it will be displayes horizontally but it is not allowed. Does anybody know how to move it? Or an add on which I can buy? I am searching this for a week now but I didn't find a solution. I also tried to create a new hook and move it but it was not allowed, too.
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