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  1. Hi people, nice template I have to say. But I have a question, maybe too basic, but I can't figure out how can I pu t my own images on the header animation. Thanks for your help
  2. It works! exactly what I wanted. Thank a lot jhnstcks
  3. Hello Rocky I don't know if I'm right writing this here but I'mm trying to do something similar with my footer, but I want to take 'Specials' off my footer, Do you know how to do it? Thank you very much
  4. good day mate! I think the module is great, is it possible to use it in more than one instance? Coz I would like to have one more box using the same system. Could you tell me if this is possible and how to do it? Thank you so much
  5. Me too!! I'm in the same situation
  6. Hey guys just asking if you know any module that can do the same as INFORMATION block. I just want to put a new block on the left column named 'Other Services' with two links to their respective pages so I can write some information in those pages. Just like INFORMATION block does. (Information block is already used). Any idea guys? Thanks for your time
  7. Hey guys I'm doing the same thing, transplanting 'wishlist' and 'top sellers' to the left column. I did it using 'Transplant a module' but now I have these modules in both columns!! left and right, I don't know what to do. Please Help! Thanks
  8. It works! Thank you so much...BUT now I have both blocks in both columns left and right :S
  9. Thanks for your fast answer, I've tried to do what you say but I don't know why I see those option (the dropdown) but for some reason is locked and I can't modify it. Same with both modules. Do u know why? Thanks
  10. Hey guys I don't know if I can post here coz I see this is a solved problem, but I need to do something similar. I want to rename 'Whishlist' to 'Other Products' and I couldn't find it in 'Translations' Thanks
  11. Hey guys, I want to do the same, move 'Top Seller' and 'Wish List' to the left column, can you guys tell me what tpl file and I need to add or remove. I don't know where should I put that function: function hookHome($params) { return $this->hookRightColumn($params); } Thanks Regards
  12. Hi rylersbud Could you tell me how did you solve your problem..coz Im trying to do the same and the swf doesn't work. What was that path issue?? Thanks bro.
  13. yeah mate..this is a community! Share! we don't care if you are a fast learner or not..
  14. Hola amigos, la verdad yo tengo el mismo problema que jymmmy, quiero cambiar la imagen de los iphones por un flash de las mismas proporciones y tambien intente con el modulo que tu mencionas pero al parecer solo funciona con algunas versiones de prestashop, yo tengo la ultima y ocn esa no anda. Si te sirve yo intente modificando la editorial.tpl de la siguiente forma: <!-- Module Editorial --> {if $xml->body->home_logo_link}body->home_logo_link|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}" title="{$xml->body->$title|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'|stripslashes}">{/if} {if $homepage_logo}<object width=“530” height=“228” data="{$this_path}logo.swf" type=“application/x-shockwave-flash”>{/if} {if $xml->body->home_logo_link}{/if} {if $xml->body->$logo_subheading}{$xml->body->$logo_subheading|stripslashes}{/if} {if $xml->body->$title}{$xml->body->$title|stripslashes}{/if} {if $xml->body->$subheading}{$xml->body->$subheading|stripslashes}{/if} {if $xml->body->$paragraph}{$xml->body->$paragraph|stripslashes}{/if} <!-- /Module Editorial --> Agregue lo que esta en negrita, con esto logro ver el flash PERO SOLO EN FIREFOX!, tal vez hice algo mal..no lo se
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